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Teacher Education Courses on Television & Live Internet!


Teacher Education courses to help complete your credential or earn salary points are available via television and live Internet from California State University, Dominguez Hills. If you are not a student at Dominguez Hills, you can take these classes through Open University.

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Course Descriptions

TED 402 Educational Psychology (3 units)
Prerequisite: admission to Teacher Education Psychology of learning and motivation related to instruction; emphasis on application of learning principles to classroom learning situations, including multicultual settings. Survey of applicable research from educational psychology and psychology. Mainstreaming students with special needs.

TED 407 Language Learning (3 units)
Focus on linguistic, social, and cultural factors in schooling language minority students; how factors are considered for effective learning practices. Areas of concentrationi include primary language development, second language acquisition, evaluation, and current research.

TED 415 Multicultural Education in an Urban Environment (3 units)
Analysis and application of the concept of cultural diversity. Prepares teachers and prospective teachers for multicultural classroom environments and utilization of appropriate materials and methods for culturally, ethnically and language diverse student populations.

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