Readability of text can be determined through the use of several different formulae, but most involve counting words, counting syllables, etc. The computer can be programmed to perform both the counting and the calculations. Follow the instructions below to determine several versions of readability level of text.

Enter text to analyze. If you haven't already done so...

When the box contains the text to be analyzed, click the ANALYZE THIS! button. The computer will count words, syllables, and sentences. The counts will be displayed on the screen.

Click on one of the buttons below the box for different versions of readability. The levels that are displayed for Coleman, Flesch-Kincaid, and Fog comes from mathematical formulae. For example, if you see a level of 5.2, the text is approximately 5th grade reading level (technically, 5th grade, 2nd month).

Generating a reading level using the Fry method requires plotting two numbers on a chart. When you click the Fry button, the two numbers you need will be displayed. You should write them down. Click on the words Show Fry Graph to see the chart. Enter the numbers and you will see the approximate grade level. For example, if the plotted numbers appear within the area marked 10, the text is written at approximately 10th grade reading level.

 Show the Fry Graph [best viewed in Internet Explorer]