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Try About French for weekly lessons, quizzes, proverbs, cultural topics, links... everything for the lover of France, French language and the French! (English) or
 if that's not enough info, how about  French Grammar Central!
Check the weather today at Méteo France. (French/English)
Convert your dollars to Euros and U.S. weights and measures to metric .
For information on the European Union and the EURO.
Study up on the Histoire et symboles de la République .
Le ministère de la culture  
Online English-French dictionary


Listen to live radio news on France Info or watch TV on  France 1 or France 2.
Learn French with real radio broadcasts on Radio France Internationale
Find out what new on the big screen at Cinéma Gaumont.
Find out the top 10 songs in France and look up their  lyrics at Paroles  or Paroles-de-chansons
Read about today's news in Le Monde or Libération.
 Read on in  Elle, Paris Match or Art et Décoration.
For the news from Canada, read Matinternet.                                        back to top
For a complete listing of  media links, France Link..                          


Paris --Everything you want to know about Paris!
With  Zurban find out all you can do this week in Paris.
Les Pages Jaunes -Les Photos de Paris! En trois clic, vous pouvez obtenir la photo du commerçant le plus proche dans la rue que vous sélectionnez. Choisissez un arrondissement en cliquant sur le plan. 
Le Guide Routard de Paris irreverant guide to Paris, in French
Paris Tourist Office
 RATP-- learn about travel on the Paris métro and set up an itinerary.
A visit to the Louvre is a must.
Spend a few minutes at the Musée des Arts et Métiers to see an exhibit.
le Serveur officiel de la ville de Paris
Don't forget the  la Villette, la Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie.

Around France

France Pratique
Maison de la France (tourism)
la Bretagne
Return to the past with a visit to the Mégalithes - menhirs et dolmens - of Brittany. .
la Vallée de la Loire:
 les Alpes
la Provence
les Pyrénées                                                                                             back to top
Take a tour of Roman ruins in Nîmes. (English)
or, how about a gourmet tour of Camembert: A Village, A Cheese ? (French/English)                                                                                          


Visit la Fnac, a giant French bookstore.
Go on a shopping spree at La Redoute, Les Trois Suisses, Galeries Lafayette or le BHV. (French/English)
Continue your shopping at Agatha, a jewelery store. For very nice animation click on "univers" then "themes" section.
Convert American clothing and shoe sizes into French sizes.


La Pétanque                                                                                            back to top
Le Web du Tour de France  
Le Football (soccer)

la Francophonie

Africa Online
Côte d'Ivoire
Québec                                                                                                   back to top


And for the young and the young at heart, don't miss Les premiers pas sur Internet .
Check out the Guide des sites Internet en français to continue your virtual explorations of French culture.
Find a French penpal at FranceWorld.

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