Key Events and Dates in Malaysian History--From Founding of Country Up To Today

Conclusions on Malaysian History: many civilizations prospered on the Malay Penisula lang befor Portuges, Portugues captured Melaks, in 1511. The Dutch took control in 1641, Britain in 1786 acuired the island of Panang. By 1900 Britain controlled all the Malay states. In 1948 communisim was intrudused and continued till 1989. In 1975, Malaysia was granted independence from Great Britain. In 1965, Singapore ceased to be amember of the Malaysian federation and became an indepentant country. Parliamentary reul was restored in 1971. Sinice 1971 Malaysia has been imooving the countries economy and helping their citizines to improve their lives. Malaysia established a more independent foreign policy helping found ASEAN in 1967. The policies of the country seems to help the country as well as the people of Malaysia.

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