Dr. Linda Groff: Resume (2)

Global Futurist & Synergist
Co-Director, Global Options
Professor, Political Science & Future Studies
California State University, Dominguez Hills

Carson, CA 90747 USA
Permanent Work Tel: 310/516-3470,-3434 (message)
Permanent Home Tel+Fax: 310/821-1864
**Temporary Home Tel+Fax: 937/767-1960 [6/97-4/98 only]
E-Mail: ljgroff@dhvx20.csudh.edu
Home Pages: http://www.csudh.edu/global_options/

Supplementary List of Professional Conferences and Diverse Organizations (Global, Business, Governmental, Educational, Religious, Community, and Other) For Whom Presentations & Workshops Given, Panels & Sessions Organized, and Consulting Done (especially since 1990; additional extensive list also available for 1980s, upon request): NOTE: 'Topics' of presentations are noted earlier in Resume. NOTE: Often 2-3+ presentations are done at each conference.

1984: Conference on "Educational and Societal Futures: Meeting the Technological Demands of the 1990s";
1987: World Future Studies Federation Conference;

11/89: World Future Studies Federation Conferences, Nagoya, Japan;
4/90: First Global Conference, Shanghai, China;
5/90: World Futures Studies Federation Conference, Budapest, Hungary;
6/90: World Future Society Professional Members Forum, Salzburg, Austria;
W'91: Invited Presentation to International Business Association, Tokyo, Japan;
W'91: Invited Presentation to Humanus Club (Japanese Professionals), Tokyo, Japan;
Spr'91: Talk to Arizona State University students, Tokyo, Japan;
4/91: Second Global Conference, Shanghai, China;
5/91: Invited Talk, Unitarian Fellowship, Tokyo, Japan;
7/91: Invited presenter, International Simulation & Gaming Conference, Kyoto, Japan;
7/91: Talk to SIETAR-Japan (Society for Intercultural Education, Training, & Research), Tokyo;
1992: North American Simulation & Gaming Conference, Portland, Oregon;
3/92: International Studies Association Conference, Atlanta;
4/92: Third Global Conference, Shanghai, China: conference plenary talk, & interview for China video being developed on the environment for presentation to the U.N.;
5/92: Society for Intercultural, Education, Training, & Research Conference, Montego Bay, Jamaica;
6/92: Tsukuba University talk, Tsukuba, Japan;
7/92: World Future Society Regional Conference, Anaheim, CA;
2/93: Paper/testimony to U.S. Commission on Improving the Effectiveness of the United Nations, Los Angeles; papers later entered into The Congressional Record;
4/93: Invited UNESCO conference paper/presentation on "Contributions of Religion to a Culture of Peace," Barcelona, Spain, and UNESCO Conference Proceedings, published 1994;
6/93: Presenter on Futures panel organized by Walt Anderson with William Shatner/Capt. Kirk of Star Trek fame, Los Angeles;
6/93: World Future Society's Seventh General Assembly, Washington, D.C.;
8/93: World Futures Studies Federation Conference, Turku, Finland;
8/93: Parliament of World Religions Conference, Chicago;
10/93: Consortium on Peace Research, Education, & Development conference, Atlanta;
10/93: Consortium on Peace Research, Education, & Development, Atlanta;
11/93: Annual luncheon talk to Omni-Law (Elderhostel academic group associated with California State University, Dominguez Hills);
1/94: Half day Presentation to Technology Exchange Center, Santa Ana, CA;
1/94: 3 hour Keynote Address to kick off semester course on "Future Studies" at Fairhaven College, Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington, with 160 students registered--the largest enrollment of any course in that college;
5/94: Invited Paper/Presentation, with Dr. Paul Smoker, Conference on "Conflict Resolution in the Asia Pacific Region: Culture, Problem Solving and Peace-making," Sponsored by The Asia Foundation, the Asia Pacific Peace Research Association, and School of Social Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia;
6/94: Society for Intercultural Education, Training, & Research Conference, Ottowa;
7/94: World Future Society Conference, Cambridge, MA;
Fall'94: Taught three Elderhostel courses--four presentations each course, Costa Mesa, CA;
11/94: International Peace Research Association Conference, Malta;
11/94: Invited Presentation, "Future Generations" Conference, Kyoto, Japan (over Thanksgiving);
12/94: Invited Paper/Presentation, with Dr. Paul Smoker, Second UNESCO Conference on "Contributions of Religion to a Culture of Peace," Barcelona, Spain, which was then published; 1/95: Guest Class, Antioch College;
2/95: Special Antioch College Lecture to faculty, students, community, & surrounding colleges, WYSO Radio Interview on the talk, & taping of talk for public access television; also guest class, Antioch College;
2/95: Guest Class, Antioch College;
3/95: Simulation developed for Antioch College community presentation, and class;
3/95: Guest Class, Antioch College;
5/95: Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research Conference, Phoenix, AZ;
6/95: Joint Presentation, with Dr. Paul Smoker, to Institute for World Affairs & Cultures, Kyoto Sangyo University, Kyoto, Japan;
7/95: World Future Society Conference, Atlanta;
8/95: Invited half day multimedia presentation/paper with Dr. Paul Smoker, Third World Futures-Creating Seminar of University of the Green World, on "Multimedia and Higher Education: New Paradigms of Learning in the 21st Century," Awaji Island, Japan; also two hour multimedia workshop for 100+ Jr. High School students on Awaji Island;
9/95: Midwest International Studies Association Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana;
10/95: Invited Speaker/Paper, IVth International Dialogue on the Transition to Global Society, University of Maryland; article being published in Conference Proceedings book;
10/95: North American Simulation & Gaming Conference, St. Louis;
10/95: Invited workshop, Catholic Archdiocese Annual Youth Conference Planning Meeting, Los Angeles;
2/96: Attended California State University Symposium on University Teaching, California State University, Los Angeles; responsible to do workshop at my campus with other faculty later;
3/96: Arranged for Prof. Kazuo Mizuta, from Kyoto Sangyo University in Kyoto, Japan, to speak to California State University, Dominguez Hills, on "Futures of Japanese Cultures";
4/96: Eighth Annual Peace Studies Association Conference on "Peace and Social Change: Religion, Spirituality, and Politics," Earlham College and School of Religion, Richmond, Indiana;
5/96: Jean Houston Invited Grail Workshop, La Casa, CA.
5/96-6/96: Society for Intercultural Education, Training, & Research Annual Conference, Munich, Germany;
7/96: 16th General Conference of the International Peace Research Association on "Creating Nonviolent Futures," University of Queensland, St. Lucia, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia;
7/96: World Future Society Conference, Washington, D.C.;
7-8/96: Society for Buddhist-Christian Dialogue, 1996 Conference on "Socially Engaged Buddhism and Christianity," DePaul University, Chicago;
1/97: Teaching, Learning, & Technology Workshops, Calif. State University, Dominguez Hills: Did two workshops with Paul Smoker for faculty and staff: (1) "Using the Internet and WWW for Research and Teaching"; and (2) "Designing Web Pages Using Netscape Navigator 3.0 Gold";
3/97: Keynote Address with Paul Smoker at Plato Society, U.C.L.A., on "Trends, Models, Paradigms of Change," for their annual all day meeting;

4/14-5/3/97: European Peace University, Austria: Three week intensive M.A. course, with Paul Smoker, on "Spirituality, Religion, Peace, and Culture," with students from many countries, especially developing countries. Excellent experience;
5/97: National Conference on Peace and Conflict Resolution, Pittburgh, PA.;
6/97: Joint Conference of Peace Studies Association/Consortium on Peace Research, Education, and Development," Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.;
7/97: Four Guest Lectures to Futures class, Antioch College;
7/97: World Future Society Conference, San Francisco, CA;
8/97: Core Faculty Member, Peace Institute, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, OH, for one month, teaching four one-week bloc courses with Paul Smoker: (1) Using the Internet and World Wide Web for Peace Education, Research, and Action; (2) Creating Global-Local Cultures of Peace; (3) Experiential Approaches in Peace Education; and (4) Spirituality, Religion, Culture, and Peace;
8/97: Two different One-Day Workshops (one with Paul Smoker; one by myself) for M.A. Program in Conflict Resolution, McGregor School, Antioch University;

9/97: International Sociological Association, Futures Research Section, special invited conference in Kyoto, Japan, on "Trends for the 21st Century: The Role of Traditional Cultures and Religions";
9/97: World Futures Studies Federation Conference, Brisbane, Australia;
1/30/97-4/4/97: "A Season For Nonviolence": Nonviolence events planned in different cities and communities in the U.S. and abroad honoring the 50th and 30th anniversaries of Gandhi's and King's assassinations, respectively. Part of national groups helping coordinate such activities;
3/98: Third UNESCO-sponsored invited conference on Religion & Peace, Granada, Spain.