Dr. Linda Groff
POL 375/01: Spring 1996
California State University, Dominguez Hills
Carson, CA 90747 USA


Part I: Brief Introduction to Future Studies:

Read: Handouts

Part II: Trends, Models, and Paradigms of Change:

Read: Handouts/Paper by Linda Groff & Paul Smoker, "Trends, Models, and Paradigms of Change: Preparing for Life in the 21st Century."

Examination on Parts I & II (either separately or together)

Part III: Learning to Use the Internet (Net) and World Wide Web (WWW), and Make Your Own Home Pages on the WWW

Read: Various Articles on the WWW and on How to Create Your Own Home Page on the WWW, including:

Assignment: Find sources on the Internet and WWW relating to various topics in the course, and to your Research Project Topic. Keep bookmarks for addresses (URL's) on the WWW for these topics you find. You will then insert these sources into your Home Page for your Research Project.

Possible Quiz: to be sure you have learned key Web and HTML concepts.

Part IV: Introduction to Science & Technology


Part V: The Information Revolution: Global and Societal Restructuring Trends (For Different Countries Around the World)

Read and See:

Part VI: The Communications Revolution (Based on the Multimedia, Interactive, Internet, and World Wide Web Revolutions): Stage Two of the Information Revolution --Focusing on Global Interdependence and Connectivity and Communication, with the WWW Becoming the Global Brain or Nerves of the Planet.


Examination on Parts IV, V, & VI:

Part VII: Student Showcase of Individual Online Research Projects on Different Countries and Oral Class Reports

Student Showcase: Spring 1996 Class:

How Selected, Representative Countries Are Dealing with the Transition From Agricultural to Industrial to Information Age Technologies, Economies, and Societies:


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