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College of Professional Studies
Location: Welch Hall
Phone: 1-800-344-5484
Fax: 310-516-3542

Program Office:
1000 E Victoria Street, WH-A320, Carson, CA 90747 (310)243-2029 cdevelopment@csudh.edu

Program Requirements

General Education (55 units)

Please see “General Education” requirements in the University Catalog or the Class Schedule for the most current information on General Education requirements and course offerings. (Child Development Program Worksheet)

Child DevelopmentMajor Requirements

Required Core (52 units)
CDV 150        Introduction to Child Development (3)
CDV 180        Methods of Studying Children* (4)
CDV 225        Infant Development* (4)
CDV 240        The Preschool Years* (4)
CDV 330        The Schoolage Years (3)
CDV 360        Adolescence (3)
CDV 366        Parenting (3)
CDV 380        Stress, Risk, and Resiliency (3)
CDV 420        Methods and Analysis in Child Study (4)
CDV 423        Child Development and Social Policy (3)
CDV 440        Becoming American: Immigrant Children and Families in the US (3)
CDV 444        Cognition, Language and Schooling (3)
CDV 450        Development in Poverty (3)
CDV 490        Senior Seminar (3)
CDV 496        Directed Field Experience* (3)
CDV 498        Directed Research in Child Development (3)

Electives (13 units)


  • Courses marked with an asterisk (*) include a fieldwork component and require TB and MMR clearance.
  • Students must complete all courses in the major with a “C” or better grade. A “C-” is not considered a satisfactory grade.