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School of Nursing
Location: Welch Hall
Phone: 310-243-3426
Fax: 310-516-3542
For more information related to the School of Nursing, please contact Cathy Crandall: 310-243 -3426

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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  1. Obtain an email address and access to the Internet if you have not already done so.
  2. As soon as you receive your letter of acceptance to the University, it is important to enroll in classes promptly, as they fill up quickly.  You may not attend or register for classes until Admissions and Records formally admits you. Please pay close attention to the registration and payment deadlines posted in the Schedule of Classes.   It is best to pay at the time you register for classes.
  3. View the University Catalog and current Schedule of Classes from the School of Nursing’s website:  www.csudh.edu/hhs/son.  Be sure to check the CLASS SCHEDULE ADDENDUM for modifications to the printed schedule.  Non California Resident please check Extended education web site for class schedule http://www.csudh.edu/bsn/bsnschedule.htm.

There are two ways to register for classes.  It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that payment is made via online or telephone (310-243-2000) right after you enroll in classes to prevent a “washout”.  This means your preferred courses will be deleted from your record, and you will have to re-register if you wish to take those courses.

  • ToroWeb (Online) Registration at toroweb.csudh.edu - At the “User Login” page enter your 9-digit student identification number in the “user ID” field, and your 6-digit birthdate as your “PIN”.  Click on “Login”.
  • Touchtone (Telephone) Registration is available by calling 310-243-2000.

During Late Registration (first three weeks of each semester), it is not possible to enroll for classes using the above two methods.  The process during this time is as follows:

  • Download the “Change of Program (Add/Drop)” and “Credit Card” forms from the School of Nursing website (www.csudh.edu/hhs/son/forms.htm).
  • Fill out the Change of Program form completely by indicating which courses you wish to add or drop.  Be sure that you include the correct CRN (Course Reference Number), Course Number, Section Number, and Number of Units. This information says “affix magic number here” (Nursing students do not use magic numbers).
  • Fill out the Credit Card form completely.  Student fees (which are subject to change without prior notice) are as follows:


$925.00 (1-6 Units)       $1507.00 (7+ Units)

Non California Residents register via extended education at $225.00 per unit

An automatic $25.00 late charge fee will be added to your fees.

First semester students will be charged $5.00 for their student I.D. card.

  1. Fax your completed forms to the Student Services Center at 310-217-6800.  They will then be forwarded to the Enrollment Manager for processing.    It is strongly advised that you check your ToroWeb records to ensure that your desired courses are posted onto your official record.  Your courses will become accessible to you on Blackboard 24-48 hours AFTER they are posted onto your record.
  2. PAYMENT IS DUE 24 HOURS AFTER YOU ARE OFFICIALLY REGISTERED FOR COURSES.   Failure to meet this deadline will cause a “washout” of your courses and you will need to re-register.   To pay by phone via credit card, call 310-243-2000.  If you are faxing in your registration to Student Services, be sure that a credit card form is attached to ensure that your preferred courses are not dropped from your record.
  3. Students residing outside the state of California will contact the Extended Education Office, to register for your courses.  You can either contact them by phone at 1 (800) 344-5484 ext. 3741 or 1 (800) 464-4557 you can also fax your registration information to (310) 516-3971.
  • You must be enrolled in BSN 302 your first semester. You may take up to 18 units total (more than 18 units requires department chair approval).  Additional courses you may enroll in concurrently with BSN 302 include BSN 306, 315, 340, 346, and 405.  You may choose between live classes, online courses, or a combination of both.
  • BSN 302 will help you prepare a program of study for degree completion.  This will encompass the required courses for nursing, general education, statutory requirements, and electives. 

Before you start classes, be sure to:

    1. Order your textbooks/course materials by either calling the CSUDH Bookstore 310-243-3789 or going online at http://www.csudh.edu//hhs/son/bookstore.htm.
    2. Access your course syllabus on Blackboard approximately one to three days prior to the course’s start date (go to csudh.blackboard.com).  Your Campus Pipeline username and six-digit birth date (unless you’ve changed it on ToroWeb) will access you to Blackboard.
    3. Complete pre-assignments before first class meeting or start of class.
  • To obtain classroom location for live classes, call 800-344-5484, ext. 3597, two days prior to the start date.
  • Contact an Advisor in the Student Services Center if you require further assistance (800-344-5484, ext. 2120).