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School of Nursing
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MSN Culminating Activity

Master’s of Science Degree in Nursing (MSN)
Culminating Activity

Effective spring 2009, students admitted (or re-admitted) spring 2009 or thereafter will participate in the MSN Professional Portfolio/Presentation (PPP) to satisfy the requirements for the MSN Culminating Activity.

Continuing students (admitted prior to spring 2009) will have the option of selecting the PPP or the Comprehensive Examination (Comp Exam) that has been the MSN Culminating Activity since spring 2003.

Students who are eligible to select the PPP or Comp Exam will be required to declare the option selected early in the graduating term.

Students are eligible to participate in the MSN Culminating Activity if the following are satisfied:

  1. Enrollment in the final semester of graduate coursework or has completed all course requirements and is enrolled in MSN 600.
  2. Student has a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.
  3. Student has attained a score of 8 or higher on the Graduate Writing Exam (GWE/GWAR) or has received a waiver through submission and approval of the Graduate Writing Exam Petition for exception (petition form is posted to the nursing web under ‘forms’).
  4. No incomplete grades (Inc) are present on the transcript.
  5. Student has submitted the application for graduation, paid all required graduate fees and submitted the MSN Program of Study (posted to the nursing web under ‘forms’).
  6. MSN Culminating Activity eligibility form located on the nursing web under ‘forms” has been submitted.


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