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School of Health & Human Services
Location: Welch Hall
Phone: 1- 800-344-5484
Fax: 310-516-3542

For more information related to the College, please contact Dean's Office : 310-243 -2046


Academic Advisement

Academic Advisors

Ben Zhou, Chair

Physical Education:  Teaching
Carole Caston , Coordinator
Antoinette Marich, John Johnson

Pre-Physical Therapy Option
Mike Ernst, Coordinator

Recreation and Leisure Studies
Mary Lou Cappel, Coordinator

Fitness Director Option
Ben Zhou, Coordinator

Subject Matter Preparation in Program
Antoinette J. Marich, Coordinator

Master Program
Lee Hancockl, Coordinator

Minor in Teaching and Coaching
John L. Johnson, Coordinator

Undergraduate Students
1.   New students need to purchase a University Catalog.
2.   Students should initiate advisement by contacting the Division secretary who will schedule the initial advising appointment.
3.   During their first advisement meeting, students will be given a copy of an advisement sheet for their academic program.  The advisor also will open an advisement file for each student which will be stored in the Division Office.
4.   Transfer students should schedule an appointment with the division chair and bring with them copies of their transcripts and course descriptions.
5.   Each time students meet with their advisor they should bring their file from the Division office, their advisement sheet and the University Catalog that was in effect when they were admitted to the university, in order to ensure that the advisement sheet and file will be kept up-to-date.
6.   Advisement must be sought each semester prior to registration throughout their studies at CSU Dominguez Hills.
7.   Students' final advisement meeting should take place when they complete 90 units and just before they file for graduation.  Students must file for graduation at the Office of the Registrar and adhere to the important dates listed in the Class Schedule.