Program Description

The mission of the Athletic Training Education Program at California State University, Dominguez Hills is to prepare future professionals to work effectively with diverse populations and in diverse settings; uphold high ethical standards; care for the well being of the whole athlete/physically active individual--physically, mentally and emotionally; model best practices based on sound research and new technology; support professional organizations through membership and participation; appreciate an integrated view of athletic training within the broader contexts of health care services, the community at large, and world cultures; and continuously work to raise the field of athletic training to a higher ground.

Program Goals and Objectives

1. Recruit and support a diverse group students, faculty and staff who will attain the highest performance standards in the field of athletic training.

a. Provide rigorous and relevant course work and field experiences in the diverse settings for students.
b. Provide faculty with resources needed to engage in research and course development.
c. Provide training and support for staff to optimize effective student services.
d. Provide appropriate opportunities for students, faculty and staff to participate in shared governance.

2. Design, develop, implement, and sustain a quality Athletic Training Education Program.

a. Design and develop program based on the highest standards in the field of athletic training.
b. Monitor program effectiveness through ongoing evaluations (student, graduate, and employee surveys).
c. Modify and/or develop program to reflect new research and changing demands of the field of athletic training.
d. Serve athletes/physically active individuals in diverse settings.

3. Hold membership and participate in professional organizations.

a. Join professional organizations.
b. Attend professionals workshops, symposia, conferences related to athletic training.
c. Prepare the students to successfully pass the BOC examination.
d. Remain updated on changes in accrediting/certification bodies in athletic training.

4. Promote integrated collaborations that align with the mission of the the Athletic Training Education Program.

a. Refine existing collaborations.
b. Explore new collaborations.
c. Appreciate an integrated view of Athletic Training within the broader context of health care services, the community at large, and world cultures.
d. Monitor effectiveness of collaborations.


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