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Certificate in Fitness Instructor

Program Coordinator: Ben Zhou, Ph.D
Office Location: SAC 1138. Phone: 310-243-2223

Certificate in Fitness Instructor (21 units)

The Fitness Instructor’s Certificate is designed to meet the needs of individuals presently employed as fitness instructors in health clubs, recreation centers, YM/WCAs or corporate fitness programs.  The certificate may be taken with or apart from a degree program, major or minor; and is available to students who satisfactorily complete the following requirements with a grade of “C” or higher in each course. For more info, please see the University Catalog.

A. Required Courses (19 units)

BIO 250.      Elements of Human Anatomy and Physiology (3)

BIO 251.      Elements of Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory (1)

KIN 111.      Aerobics (1)

KIN 142.      Physical Conditioning (1)

KIN 218.      First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (3)

KIN 303.      Exercise Physiology (4)

KIN 360.      Prevention and Treatment of Athletic Injuries (3)

KIN 496.      Internship in Physical Education (Fitness) (3)

B. Select two (2) courses from the following (2 units )

KIN 141.      Martial Arts (1)

KIN 156.      Swimming (all levels) (1)

KIN 170.      Weight Training (1)

KIN 171.      Yoga (1)