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Master Program

Master of Arts in Education

Physical Education Administration Option.

Program Coordinator: Lee Hancock, Ph.D.
SAC 1139, (310) 243-3761.

Physical Education Administration Option (30 units)

The Physical Education Administration option is structured as a differential tuition program, with graduates completing a total of 30 units. Students will complete 18 units (graduate education curriculum) under state support and 12 units (physical education curriculum) through Special Sessions.

The following courses constitute the program of study for the Master of Arts in Education: Physical Education Administration option. Students enrolling in graduate level physical education courses must have a degree in Physical Education, Kinesiology, exercise Science, or Human Performance or have completed the prerequisite courses (outlined in section II below). All students receiving this degree must successfully complete these courses.

A.   Core Courses (9 units). Classes taken under state support.

GED 500.      Research Methods in Education (3)

GED 501.      Seminar in Learning and Development (3)

GED 503.      Socio-Cultural Issues in Education (3)

B.  Graduate Education Required Courses (9 units). Classes taken under state support.

EAD 506.       Law and Ethics in Public Education (3)

EAD 570.       Supervision of Instruction (3)

EAD 571.       School Management and Finance (3)

C.  Physical Education Required Courses (12 units).
Classes taken through Special Sessions.

KIN 500.        Seminar in Contemporary Issues, Topics and Trends in Physical Education (3)

KIN 514.        Seminar In Curriculum Development in Physical Education (3)

KIN 516.        Public Relations and Development in Physical Education and Athletics (3)

KIN 593.        Fieldwork in Physical Education and Athletic Administration (3). 

II.   Program Prerequisite Courses

Students who have NOT completed a degree in Physical Education, Kinesiology, Exercise Science, or Human Performance must complete all of the following courses before enrolling in 500 level physical education courses.

BIO 250.      Elements of Human Anatomy and Physiology (3)

BIO 251.      Elements of Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab (1)

KIN 300.      Tests and Measurements (3)

KIN 301.      Kinesiology (3)

KIN 303.      Exercise Physiology (4)

KIN 448       Teaching Effectiveness in Secondary Physical Education (3)