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Meetings Agenda

Thursday September 18, 8:00 pm (time change)


The Call-in number is 1-800-715-0345

l. Call to Order – President Cathi/CO Presidents- Christina & Shannon

ll. Introductions - New members

lll.Approval of minutes

lV. Review Purpose of NSO – Faculty Advisor – Article on RN Lobby Days for CSUDH and Community

V. Annual Budget – Fall mid year deadline date; Reimbursement for expenses – Faculty Advisor/Wafa 

VI. Overview/Future Initiatives for NSO – Christina and Shannon

VII. Book Exchange Program – New Ideas/suggestions – Lorna

VIII. Mentor Program – New Ideas /suggestions – Lorraine, Jane, Ilana, Rainbow

IX.   Affiliation with the California Nursing Student Association  (CNSA)- John

X.  New Ideas for Web site -Web Site Coordinator  - Christina & Shannon

Use of Discussion board; Job announcements; Scholarship Announcement???

  • RN Lobby Days April,  26 & 27, 2009/ New Ideas

Review of required travel forms – travel request, travel claim

  • Disseminating Information i.e. scholarships to NSO members/ students via Link, Blackboard? Website? ALL
  • School of Nursing Updates

XV.      Future Meeting Dates   - via phone? Face-to-face?? Times??