MENTORING for BSN and MSN Students


            The Nursing Student Organization (NSO) provides a “Student Mentoring Service.” This service is meant to offer support and encouragement to BSN and MSN students once enrolled in the School of Nursing program. Sometimes the Mentors are called sponsors. Over the past two semesters, Mentors have assisted students in the MSN program, and several have already graduated but want to continue to offer their assistance.     


            The Mentor will return your email and can also provide telephone assistance. Please note that the Mentors are NOT advisors. The Mentors are there to offer the wisdom gained from her/his own experience in the nursing program.


            You may contact anyone on the e-mail Mentor list located at the following address: We are currently looking for BSN Mentors. Please apply if you are a senior student. E-mail Advisor, NSO or visit the site listed above.


            Take advantage of this free supportive service!