November 16, 2005



To:        All CSUDH Nursing Students


Re:       Nursing Student Organization Representatives


From:    Dr. Cynthia Johnson, Faculty Advisor ( 310-243-2522)



All California resident students enrolled in the School of Nursing (SON) education programs are eligible for participation in the Nursing Student Organization (NSO). To learn more about the NSO be sure to bookmark the following web site: Briefly, this organization serves as a resource and support mechanism for our students that live in a wide variety of locations throughout California. The representatives of the NSO are fundamental in providing a method to share ideas and concerns that are beneficial to their fellow student colleagues. As the Faculty Advisor to the Nursing Student Organization (NSO), an organization of the Associated Student Incorporated (ASI) at CSU Dominguez Hills, I am inviting you to volunteer as NSO Representatives.  Presently, we are in need of four (4) NSO representatives.


Here are some facts about the NSO and Representative responsibilities:


NSO Representatives are eligible for the following:


We are confident that you will consider this invitation in the spirit of volunteerism to the nursing students at CSUDH.  So, make a difference, and contact Dr. Johnson!


Thank you for your consideration.