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College of Professional Studies
Location: Welch Hall
Phone: 1- 800-344-5484
Fax: 310-516-3542

For more information related to the College, please contact Dean's Office : 310-243 -2046


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Students with advising questions are seen by appointment. Advising appointments are available Monday through Thursday.  Please call (310) 243-2120 or (800) 344-5484 (option #1) to schedule one.  The student services center is busiest during registration periods and the first weeks of classes.  Students are encouraged to visit an advisor each semester prior to registering for classes.

Walk-in appointments are only available during the week prior to the start of a new semester and the first week of school.

Student Services Center Advisors:
Call (310) 243-2120 or (800) 344-5484 (option 1)

Child Development 

Tonie Mills 

(310) 243-2002

Human Services

Alma Melena

(310) 243-3516

Health Science 

Alma Melena

(310) 243-3516

R.N. to B.S. Nursing

Tonie Mills

(310) 243-2002


Departmental Faculty Advisors:


Faculty Advisor

Telephone #

Clinical Science

Professor Cheryl Harris

(310) 243-3748 or 3899

Communicative Disorders

Dr. Margaret Parker

(310) 243-3075

M.S. Health Science

Dr. Ellen Hope-Kearns

(310) 243-3748 or 3364

Kinesiology & Recreation  

Professor Ben Zou

(310) 243-3761

Marriage & Family Therapy

Dr. Michele Linden

 (310) 243-2032

M.S. Nursing
(for general questions contact CHHS student services)

Dr. Rose Welch

 (310) 243-3596

Masters Entry level Professional Nursing (MEPN) 

Mr. Jorge Escamilla

(310) 243-2711

Occupational Therapy 

Dr. Claudia Peyton

(310) 243-2726

Social Work

Dr. Larry Ortiz

(310) 243-3170

For General Education & undeclared majors contact the University Advisement center at (310) 243- 3538

It is your responsibility to understand your degree requirements.  Thoroughly review your CSUDH catalog and seek continuous advisement to make sure that you are completely aware of all of your general education, major and university requirements.

The best time to see an advisor is before you have a problem!