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College of Professional Studies
Location: Welch Hall
Phone: 1- 800-344-5484
Fax: 310-516-3542

For more information related to the MSW program, please contact our Administrative Support Assistant @
(310) 243-3170



Q: When is the deadline for admissions?
A:The Department of Social Work will accept application until April 10, 2009. Any applications filed after the deadline may be reviewed depending on availability and space. 
Q: Can I apply in the spring or summer semester?
A: No, not at this time. The MSW program only accepts applications for the fall semester.
Q: How long is the program?
A:We currently offer a two (2) year full-time curriculum.  Students will complete two fall semesters and two spring semesters.  We also offer a four (4) year part-time curriculum.  In this program, students will take two or three evening classes each semester and complete practicum hours in their second and third year.
Q: Does the Department of Social Work offer an advanced standing program?
A: We currently do not offer an advanced standing program. 
Q: What type of undergraduate degree do I need?
A: We invite candidates with an undergraduate degree that is founded in the liberal arts background. This includes coursework in the humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and English composition. We believe this set of courses provides a solid foundation that adequately prepares students for generalist social work education.  If a student does not have this background, he/she can still apply and complete all of the coursework prerequisites before being admitted.
Q: What is the minimum GPA? Do I need to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE)?
A: We invite candidates who have a minimum GPA of 2.75 in the last 60 semester units or 90 quarter units. The GRE is not required, but it is recommended for those who possess a GPA of 2.75 to 3.0.  
Q: What are the prerequisites?
A: We request that all students have completed at least one (1) course in either human development or its equivalent as well as one (1) elementary statistics course. 
Q: Do I need to have completed all the requirements and/or prerequisites before applying for the MSW program?
A: No, however at least 80% of the requirements and/or prerequisites must be completed prior to submitting an application. Please note that all requirements and/or prerequisites must be formally completed before actually enrolling in the program. 
Q: Does the MSW program give social work course credit for life experience or previous work experience?
A: In accordance with the Council of Social Work Education, the Department of Social Work cannot grant course credit for life experience or previous work experience.
Q:  Do I need a car and valid insurance to enroll in the MSW program?
A: Although a car is not required, students will be expected to spend 16-20 hours a week in a community-based fieldwork agency.  Many agencies will require that student interns have a car and valid driver’s license.  If a student does not have reliable transportation, it may impede the field placement process.
Q: I have a misdemeanor and/or felony on my record. Can I still apply?
A: The MSW program does admit students with certain criminal offenses on their record. However, there are certain fieldwork settings and professional social work settings that will not allow persons on-site if they have certain misdemeanors or felonies in their background. Students should consult with CSUDH faculty immediately if they have concerns about their ability to be placed in an agency, or their future employability in the social work field.
Q: What are the options for concentrations in particular social work areas of study?
A: CSUDH is unique in that its curriculum focuses on one concentration: Social Work Practice in Communities.  Students can then specialize one of the following areas:
1. Children, Youth and Families; 2. Community Mental health; or 3.  Community Capacity Building. 
Q:  What major code do I use to indicate the MSW when I am completing the CSU Post-Baccalaureate/Graduate application?
A:MSW and/or 5150

Question: Can I submit my transcripts and my application separately?
Answer:No, only complete applications will be considered.

Question: Do you offer any stipend programs?
Answer: Yes, we offer both CalSWEC and IUC programs for full-time students who are interested in Child Welfare.

What major Code do I use when applying to the program on CSUMENTOR? 
Answer: Master of Social Work or 5150.