Earn Your Degree in Less Than 2 Years!

Your Program Features:

Program Features

  • Thoughtful Living – 
    be trained for living deeply, expansively, and happily
  • Reasonable Cost – 
    at $495 per unit, a great value compared to competing programs
  • Quality Education – 
    be led by energetic, dedicated, and experienced instructors in a robust, fully-online format
  • Cohort Approach – 
    progress through a themed curriculum led by a cohort director
  • Symposium
    follow a course of study that builds to a two-day, campus-wide themed conference
  • Rapid Advancement – 
    complete your degree, from start to finish, in 18-20 months

About the Program

The online Master of Arts in the Humanities at CSUDH is an exciting new way to rediscover your world while you improve your career prospects. Through studying concepts and ideas fundamental to contemporary human existence, you will learn to think more analytically, evaluate evidence more carefully, and communicate more clearly – skills all employers covet in their employees.

What does it mean to be human? That is the basic question of the humanities (art, literature, music, philosophy and history). Through its disciplines you will learn to articulate and express—in sound, image, and word—the most important concerns of human existence: who we are, how we should live, what we love, how we got here, and where we are going.