Forms and Contracts

Below are copies of the various forms that the HUX office makes available to students. We include them here as a convenience to our students, especially to those abroad. They are also available on the webpages related to each topic. You may continue to request any of these forms from the HUX office. The forms and contracts below are in Adobe Acrobat format. You need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them. This is available at:

See also the CSU Dominguez Hills University Forms page for PDF versions of many other forms that HUX students sometimes need (for example, Transcript Request). Not all apply to the HUX program, so be sure to contact the HUX office if you are uncertain.


HUX Application (only for students without internet access)

Credit Card Authorization

Transferring Units into HUX

Transfer Request Information

Course Drop

Change of Program - Add/Drop Form You will need to print out and fill out this form, then send it to the course instructor for his or her signature if you are requesting a drop in weeks 4-15 of the term.


Fall 2013 Student cover letter

Fall 2013 Overview of the GWE Requirement

Fall 2013 Exam Request/Proctor Agreement Form

Fall 2013 GWE Registration Form/Admission Ticket

Petition for GWE Exemption

Fall 2013 Cover letter to GWE Exam Proctor

GWE Examination Certificate

Independent Study

Creating an Independent Study Course

Deadlines and Reminders for Contract Courses (594, 598, 599)

Independent Study Instructions same as Creating and Independent Study Course above)

Independent Study Contract

Advancement to Candidacy

Advancement to Candidacy Instructions and Checklist

Advancement to Candidacy Exam Questions

Main Advancement Contract

Curriculum A Contract

Curriculum B Contract

Final Thesis/Project

Guidelines for Using Human Subjects in Research

Deadlines and Reminders for Contract Courses (594, 598, 599)

HUX 598 Contract

HUX 598 Instructions

HUX 599 Contract

HUX 599 Instructions

Application for Graduation

Application for Award of Degree

Change of Graduation Date Request