HUXOnline and Computer Communication

The HUX program is conducted largely via correspondence. However, students are now given the option of taking a few selected courses via the Internet. Please consult the HUX schedule or contact the HUX staff to find out which courses are offered online in a particular term. Students with access to the Internet may use it to: contact instructors; send assignments; receive course guides and materials, instructions and assignments, advising or comments. See our Blackboard page for information about how we use the Blackboard system and how to access it.

Students who have access to commercial online services such as America Online, Microsoft Network, CompuServe, MCIMail, Prodigy, or Genie, or who have accounts on bulletin board systems (BBS's) with an Internet mail gateway, may send electronic mail to the faculty and staff on campus by using the following addresses: - Academic Information & Questions

Full Internet access (which is required for a student to take a Humanities External Degree course online) allows students the use of virtually all types of Internet services, including Telnet, the World Wide Web, E-mail, FTP, Gopher, various search programs, and conferencing and newsgroups; however a student need only have access to e-mail to participate in the online courses.

Course fees are the same as those for the regular delivery method, although students unable to receive access through a local university will have to pay additional fees to a commercial Internet service provider.