Timothy Ridge Is Up in the Air Over a HUX Degree

Imagine flying over the Atlantic with a lot of time to kill and nothing to do. The plane is on autopilot. You could sleep if you wanted, or you could read a humanities book. Then you land in Europe and have to spend two nights in a hotel before you can come home. You could use this time to write a paper. Timothy Ridge thought of this just before enrolled in the master’s in humanities program. Working full-time, he didn’t have time to sit in a classroom, but he noticed gaps of time in his life when he could be studying.

He is a pilot for British Airways, flying the international division out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The layover in Europe allowed him time to study, just as the rest periods do during the actual flights. “It was an excellent alternative to the classroom,” he said.

Taking this large step in furthering his education has impacted his life greatly. He has become a more competent writer. Although it proved to be a challenge, he completed his thesis about the fire bombing in Dresden during World War II. He’s even a better help academically to his 7-year-old daughter.

“I’m much more competent in leading her in the right direction,” he said. “I can see that pulling right through her high school.”

Being a part of the HUX program allowed him to see the world in a different light. It helped him understand that everyone thinks differently. It just depends on your perspective. For him, it was completely worth it.