Lambda Theta Phi
Beta Alpha Chapter

Full Name: Nick Nunez
Position: Community Service
E-mail: nick_n98@yahoo.c0m
Semester Cross: Fall 2000
Line: Gamma Line Number #2
Ethnicity: Mexican-American
Birthday: September 15
Major: Business, CIS
Standing: Senior

When I first heard of Lambda Theta Phi I didn't know anything about fraternities but the stereotypes I saw in the movies. Once I got to know the brothers and other interested people I began to learn that Lambda Theta Phi was far from the typical stereotypes. After attending their informational I became more interested and began to look forward to joining this organization. One of the main things that got my attention was the emphasis put on community service, which is something I have always enjoyed. Finally the day came in Fall 2000 when I became a brother, it was definitely a great feeling of unexplainable pride and joy. Being part of a Lambda Theta Phi has been a great life experience. It has taught me many skills that will assist me once I am a professional. I cherish what the fraternity has taught me and I honestly believe it has made me a better person than I once was. With that said something I live my life by is "DON'T QUIT" because quitters never accomplish anything and being a brother of Lambda Theta Phi the word "Quit" does not exist.