The history book was released in November of 1994 at the fraternity's nineteenth annual awards banquet in Wayne, New Jersey.

Below are excerpts from the history book regarding the essence of the fraternity and the fraternity's symbolism for the "Conquistador."

"Lambda Theta Phi provides the Latino college student with the opportunity to be part of a congenial family with a mission. What is this mission? To cultivate a spirit of brotherhood, to value an education, to promote unity among all Latinos, to be proud of and cherish our heritage, to assert roles of leadership, to develop character, to practice chivalry, to serve mankind, to aim for the stars. In short, to raise the social and cultural conscience of the Latin male college student."

"Lambda Theta Phi has conquered new lands-the campuses of institutions of higher learning. Lambda Theta Phi has conquered a multicultural people-each and every brother, by becoming a Lambda, has taken an oath to uphold the ideals of the Fraternity, tenets we cannot confine to a college campus, but which constitute a lifetime commitment, something many may be unable to relate to. Lambda Theta Phi is building the Latino leaders of tomorrow, those who will provide the guidance and leadership for our community and nation."

"The twenty-first century quickly approaches. It will be accompanied by growth and change. As an organization, we will have to adapt to changing times. Let us not fear the future. Our unity and ideals shall illuminate our path to conquer the twenty-first century."

"Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity, Incorporated.

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