Syllabus: MAT 401 Advanced Analysis I. Fall 2013.

In this course we will prove the results in freshman calculus. This requires a careful study of limits. High school algebra is the main tool, but it is used in a very sophisticated way.


MAT 211 (vector calculus) and MAT 271 (introduction to logic and proofs in higher math) or equivalent with at least a "C" grade.

Learning outcomes

See the "Objectives" listed in the MAT 401 Sample Syllabus http:// on the math department website.

Course requirements, grading, due dates

I base grades on homework, tests, and a final exam, but fuzzy things like class participation also play a role because I often give the benefit of the doubt to people who have worked hard and contributed to class discussions.

Homework   25% of grade
2 Midterms  20% of grade each (40% total)
Final exam  35% of grade

I will announce assignments and tests in class and post them on the course calendar (see reference above). Assignments are due on the due date. I won't give make up tests or grade assignments that come in late.

I rarely take attendance, but class participation is important. Students who are serious don't skip classes.

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

The math department does not tolerate cheating. Students are free to collaborate and share ideas and methods, but work that you turn in with your name on it must be your own. The university's official policy is spelled out in its statement on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism in the University Catalog.

Students with disabilities

Students with disabilities have a legal right to reasonable accomodations. For assistance please contact me and our Disabled Student Services office.

Calcululators, computers, etc.

Calculators, computers, etc. aren't required.