Math 131 Extra Credit Project 5 points


Using SPSS for data analysis and statistical graphs


You will use the class data that was collected at the beginning of the term, load it into the SPSS computer program, have the SPSS program generate analyses and graphs 5 in all, and submit the SPSS output as your project. More specific instructions follow.


1)      The computers in the Welch Hall computer lab in WH D160 have the SPSS program installed. Log into one of these computers.

2)      Download the class data to your computer.

3)      Run the program SPSS from the Start/Programs menu.

4)      Open the downloaded file with SPSS. The file type is *.xls

5)      The main menu of SPSS has Analyze and Graph submenus. Select a particular analysis or graph. Apply it to one set of data, (or two sets of data for correlations, scatter plots, etc.), by selecting the set(s) of data in the popup menu. For example, you could have SPSS do a histogram of Age, or a correlation analysis of two sets of data, or a significance test (t-test) of the mean of some set of data versus some value you choose, etc.

6)      Do 5 different types of graphs and/or analyses on different sets of data. Print the output and submit it as your extra credit project.

7)      There should be no duplicate projects in the class, that is, no two projects should use the same 5 graphs/analyses on the same sets of data.

8)      Please submit these projects by Thursday, Dec 5.