MAT 193 Calculus II

General Info:

Prerequisites:MAT 191 or equivalent with a "C" grade or better.

Textbook: Essential Calculus by James Stewart

Homework: We will use WebWork

Course Management: BlackBoard

Course Requirements: assignments (on Webwork), tests and final.

Syllabus: Chapter 6--9 of the textbook.

Test: Test 1 (02/19), Test 2 (03/26), Test 3 (04/30)

Final Exam: Mon May 12 10:00--12:00

Grading Scheme: HW 10% (extra credits), Test 60%, Final 40%

A A- B+ B B-
100--93  92--89  88--84  83--79  78--74 
C+ C C- D+ D
73--69 68--64 63--59 58--54 54--50

Learning Outcomes: Please refer to the Expected Outcomes section.

Other Policies: For policies on academic integrity, accommodation for students with disabilities, due dates and make-up work and various other topics, please consult this page .