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Master of Science in Nursing

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How Classes Work

The Learning Experience

Our objective is to create a dynamic, interactive distance learning environment for our students. To that end, we will use a variety of delivery methods, fitting each learning activity to the most appropriate technology.

Students enrolled in the MSN Program will learn through a combination of e-mail discussion, Web site exploration, video, and traditional textbook reading and writing assignments.

Class Discussion / Blackboard

Class discussion is currently accomplished through "Blackboard" software. The instructor "posts" assignments and discussion prompts to the class via Blackboard, and students respond and interact by using the Blackboard menu at the course site.

Learning/Exploring on the Web

Students will use the course Web site for a variety of activities including getting assignments, conducting research, obtaining the latest program and class news and information, etc.

Your Feedback is Important

Any learning environment is always a work-in-progress, whether it's a traditional classroom or a high-tech distance learning program. Therefore, our program and class structure is continuously being evaluated and refined. We need our students to talk to us about what's working and what isn't. Please E-mail your comments and suggestions to: nationalnurse@soh.csudh.edu