Master of Science Quality Assurance


When the brochure says that a program can help “further your career,” they aren’t kidding. April Starks enrolled into the MSQA program for that exact reason. She got a promotion just before receiving her diploma anticipation of her completion of the program.

“I did get an engineering advancement at that time,” said Stark. “But it was part of my career path to go into management.”

Although she found doing online work difficult, she learned a great deal that helped her in her career. Stark used her work in Raytheon’s Intelligent Surveillance and Reconnaissance Division in Dallas, Texas as a platform for her thesis, Developing and Deploying: A Statistical Tool Guide. “All of the projects I did for the class, I did for my company. So I found immediate application for what I was [learning],” said Stark. “I thought all of the material that was in the program was very beneficial to my career.”