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MA in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution & Peacebuilding

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Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding graduate Mike Bugason is working for peace in Central Africa.

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The online Master's Degree program in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding at California University, Dominguez Hills teaches participants valuable conflict resolution and conflict management skills and knowledge which may be applied directly to police work, counseling, education, human resources management, labor relations, litigation, business negotiations, supervision and administration (link to university catalogue).

"I got my degree in 2002 & am just as excited today about the accomplishment as I was then"...Seth Glassman

Other career applications include alternative dispute resolution (ADR), mediation, negotiation, arbitration, public policy, social work, teaching, inter-cultural and community conflicts, corporate contract and purchasing.

Additionally, participants will improve their computer,
listening, speaking, writing, critical thinking and problem
solving skills.This is a 36-semester unit graduate program,
which can be completed in two years without coming to
the Dominguez Hills campus. Courses run 12 weeks each
term. Students have a choice of completing a thesis or
portfolio as a culminating event.

The program involves a comprehensive study of the practical skills, methods, theory, and research needed to be an effective mediator, negotiator and conflict manager. The degree
addresses many needs of beginning and mid-career
professionals in government, business, and non-profit organizations, and those interested in a career change.

The degree can be completed without ever coming to the campus by anyone anywhere in the
world with access to the Internet. Any student with a PC Pentium II and reliable access to the Internet should be able to attend class online. Classes are asynchronous (tasks completed on-
or off-line at the student's convenience), with on demand video lectures for students to view.

Additional features include home pages for students and instructors, chat and discussion rooms, electronic submission and return of papers, and individual, secure, access to personal course records at all times. Students can complete the course of study in two years or they have up to five years to complete the program. Students must also be in continuous enrollment.


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