MA in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding

Proctor Requirements:
The Graduate Writing Exam will be proctored. In order to maximize security and assure testing integrity of this examination, it will be the responsibility of each student to identify a proctor
to be approved by the Academic Coordinator.

The examination proctor must be a professional such as a minister, librarian, military officer,
or local high school or college faculty member. The proctor will directly receive the examination
via regular mail and administer it to the student in accordance with prearranged time constraints. The proctor's instructions include a requirement for the student to provide acceptable official document. After the student has completed the exam, the proctor will return it to the NCR
office via regular mail. Proctors may not be the students immediate supervisor, coworker,
friend or relative.

Submitting Proctor Information:
Please print out the “Proctor Agreement”, have your proctor complete, sign
and mail in the form to the address on the form.

Your proctor information must be received and accepted by the NCR office no later than November 15th for the fall. The NCR office cannot mail your GWE exam to your proctor without first receiving your proctor information.