Chemistry 230
Laboratory Manual
CSU Dominguez Hills
by Ulrich de la Camp and Oliver Seely

All materials directly linked to this Web page, accompanying photos and videos are in the public domain and may be copied without restriction.

Adobe Acrobat .pdf file of entire lab manual

The following main topics are covered below: Introduction, Required Materials, Direction for Laboratory Work, Appendices and Demonstrations. Although the demonstrations have links within the text of individual exercises, they are offered here separately for easy access.

Required Materials
Laboratory Points
Laboratory Safety
The Laboratory Notebook

Directions for Laboratory Work
Proper Use of Balances
Heating a Crucible to Constant Weight
Gravimetric Sulfate Determination
Proper Use of Volumetric Glassware
Calibration of a Buret
Carbonate Content of a Soda Ash Sample
Iodometric Determination of Cu in Brass
Complexometric Ca Determination
Colorimetric Fe Analysis
Determination of Mn Content of Steel

Data Analysis
Proper Use of a Desiccator
Operating Instructions for the Spectronic 20-D Spectrophotometer
Method of Linear Regression
Accuracy of Spectrophotometer Readings

Balances and Their Use in the Chemistry Laboratory
Helpful Hints on the Use of a Buret
The Volumetric Determination of Sodium Carbonate
Preparing Your Filter Paper
Gravimetric Sulfate Determination, Helpful Hints
Heating a Crucible to Constant Weight
Helpful Hints on the Iodometric Determination of Copper in Brass
Helpful Hints on the Use of a Volumetric Pipet