Updated August 18, 2007

Composition and Physical Properties of Alloys

The following tables present the composition and physical properties of many common alloys. All compositions are given in mass per cents. For example, 50Bi, 25Pb, 12.5Sn, 12.5Cd means 50% Bi, 25% Pb, 12.5% Sn and 12.5% Cd, all by mass. There is a main table immediately below and a supplementary table below that. The tables may contain errors. If the you detect an error please respond to the e-mail address at the bottom of the second table so that the error can be corrected.

This table is in the public domain. Users are encouraged to copy and to distribute it without restriction.

Composition Name Sp. gr Th.exp.coeff/deg. C M.P. (deg.C)
99.2Al Aluminum 2S 2.71 23.94e-6 660
97Al, 3Cu 24 640
95Al, 5Cu Lynite, body alloy 26
95Al, 4.2Cu, 0.6Mn, 0.5Si, 0.4Fe Zeppelin rod
95Al, 2Cu, 1.5Mg, 0.8Fe, 0.2Si, 0.01Mn Lynite, piston
94Al, 4Cu, 0.5Mg, 0.5Mn, coated with 99.7+ Al Alclad 17 ST 2.96 21.96
93Al, 7-8.5Cu, 1.7 other elements Lynite, 146
92Al, 9.3-11Cu, 2 other elements Lynite, 122
90Al, 7.8Cu, 1.5Zn, 1.3Fe Lynite crank case
89Al, 11Cu, 0.5Mg Lynite piston
89Al, 12-14Cu, 2 other elements Lynite, 109
99Al, 0.4Fe, 0.4Si, 0.1Zn, 0.06Cu Zeppelin braces
90Al, 10Mg Magnalium 2.50 24 600
70Al, 30Mg Magnalium 2.00 435
98Al, 1.25Mn Aluminum Alloy 3S 2.74 23.04 640-55
95Al, 5Si Aluminum-silicon 43 2.58 21.96 577-630
91Al, 9Zn 2.80 26 650
90Al, 7.8Zn, 0.7Cu, 0.5Fe, 0.4Si, 0.3Mn, 0.1Sn Zeppelin angles
89Al, 9Zn, 0.7Cu, 0.5Si, 0.5Mn, 0.4Fe, 0.2Sn Zeppelin channels
77Al, 21Zn, 1.1Cu, 0.5Fe, Pb, Sn Liberty pistons
70Al, 30Zn 26 610
53Bi, 32Pb, 15Sn Eutectic fusible alloy 96
52Bi, 40Pb, 8Cd Eutectic fusible alloy 91.5
50Bi, 27.1Pb, 22.9Sn Rose metal.
50Bi, 27Pb 13Sn 10Cd Eutectic fusible alloy; Lipowitz alloy 70-4
50Bi, 25Pb, 12.5Sn, 12.5Cd Wood's metal 9.70 70
40Bi, 40Pb, 20Sn Bismuth solder 111
54Bi, 26Sn, 20Cd Eutectic fusible alloy 103
45Bi, 17Sn, 30Pb, 5-10Hg Fusible teaspoons
70-3Ce, 17-24Zn, 1.6-6Fe, 0-2.4Al, Mn Ignition pin alloy
61Ce, 37Fe Ignition pin alloy
Co, Cr, W Alloy Stellite No. 1 Alloy 8.59 14 4e-6 1250
Co, Cr, W Alloy Stellite No. 6 Alloy 8.38 16.9e-6 1275
Co, Cr, W Alloy Stellitc No. 12 Alloy 8.40 15.8e-6 1263
Co Cr, W Alloy Stellite Star J-Metal 8.76 14.6e-6 1270
Co Cr, W Alloy Stellite "2400" Alloy
99.9 + Cu Deoxidized copper 8.50 17.71e-6 1082
99.90 + Cu, 0.01P Deoxidized copper 8.91 17.71 1082
90Cu, 10Al Aluminum bronze 7.6 16.5 1050
90Cu, 9Al, 1Fe Resistac 1066
80-90Cu, 8-10Al, 6-7Fe Ampco Metal 7.20 649
88-96.1Cu, 2.3-10.5Al, Fe, Sn Aluminum bronze 7.50-8.19 1038-71
50Cu, 25Au, 25Ag Cooper's pen metal
47Cu, 33Au, 20Ag Gold 8 carat
40Cu, 31Au, 19Ag, 10Pd Palladium gold
77Cu, 15Pb, 8Sn "B" Alloy, P.R.R.
95Cu, 5Mn Manganese bronze 8.8 1060
82-6Cu, 4-15Mn, 2-12Ni, Fe Manganin
82Cu, 15Mn, 3Ni Manganin 8.5
70Cu, 25Mn, 5Ni Manganin
61Cu, 26Mn, 13Al Magnetic alloy
88.5Cu, 5Ni, 5Sn, 1.5Si Barberite 8.80 1070
80Cu, 20Ni Nickeline 8.5 1185
75Cu, 25Ni Nickel coinage, U.S.A 1205
75Cu, 20Ni, 5Zn 8.58 16.40 1150
65Cu, 18Ni, 17Zn Nickel silver 18% A 8.75 18.36 1110
60Cu, 40Ni Constantan 8.4 1280
55-65Cu, 12-18Ni, 11-17Zn 8-12Fe, 0.5-1Si Glass mold alloy, U.S.P. 1,360,773
57Cu, 20Ni, 20Zn, 3Al Typewriter metal
55Cu, 18Ni, 27Zn Nickel silver 18% B 8.69 1055
45-60Cu, 40-55Ni, 0-1.4-Mn, 0.1C, Fe Constantan
45Cu, 33Ni, 16Sn, 5.5Zn, 1Bi Sea water bronze
67-81Cu, 19-30Pt, 0-4Zn Cooper's gold
94.8-96Cu, 3-4Si, 1-1.2Mn 8.46 16.99 1000
98.55Cu, 1.40Sn Phono-electric wire
95.5Cu, 4.3Sn, 0.2P Phosphor bronze 30 8.91 18.90 1050
95Cu, 4Sn, 1Zn Coinage bronze 8.96
92-7Cu, 1-8Sn, 0-2Zn Medal bronze
91.6Cu, 8.25Sn, 0.15P Phosphor bronze 47 8.91
90Cu, 10Sn, trace P Phosphor bronze 209 9.00
90Cu, 10Sn Bronze, gun metal 8.8 18 1000
88Cu, 10Sn, 2Zn U.S. Government bronze, spec. G
82Cu, 16Sn, 2Zn Bronze bearings
83Cu, 14Sn, 3.5Pb Naval journal bearing, spec. HX
83Cu, 14Sn, 3.5Zn Naval journal bearing, spec. H
83Cu, 14Sn, 3Zn, 0.8P U.S. Government bronze, spec. H
79.7Cu, 10Sn, 9.5Sb, 0.8P Phosphor bronze 8.8
78Cu, 22Sn Bell metal 8.7 870
67Cu, 33Sn Bronze, speculum metal 8.6 18.6 745
58Cu, 28Sn, 9.5Pt, 3.5Zn, 1.5As Cooper's mirror
90Cu, 10Zn Commercial bronze; red brass 8.80 18.18e-6 1050
89Cu, 9Zn, 2Pb Hardware bronze 8.83 18.18 1050
85Cu, 15Zn Red brass 8.75 18.72 1030
85Cu, 13Zn, 2Sn Pen metal
84Cu, 16Zn Medal metal
70Cu, 29Ni, 1Sn Adnic. 16.29 1205
70Cu, 29Zn, 1Sn Admiralty 8.17 20.16 935
67-72Cu, 28-33Zn, Pb, Fe Spring brass
67-70Cu, 30-33Zn, Pb, Fe Cartridge brass
67Cu, 33Zn Brass, ordinary yellow 8.40 18.5 940
64Cu, 25Zn, 8.5Pb, 2.5Sn Ship nail brass
61.2Cu, 37.3Zn, 0.9Sn, 0.4Pb, 0.2Fe
61Cu, 39Zn Pin wire brass 905
60-1Cu, 31-7Zn, 1.4Sn, 0.7-.9Pb Pewter, for clock work
60Cu, 40Zn Muntz metal 840
60Cu, 25Zn, 15Ni German silver 18.4
60Cu, 19Zn, 10Al, 6Fe, 5Mn Hytensl bronze 980
58Cu, 42Zn Solder very refractory 850
58Cu, 17.5Zn, 11.5Ni, 11Co, 2Ag Chinese silver
57Cu, 28Zn, 15Sn Solder, very soft, white
55Cu, 45Zn For brazing
55Cu, 25Zn, 20Ni German silver, common formula
53Cu, 43Zn, 1.3Sn, 0.3Pb Solder, hard yellow
53Cu, 39Zn, 2.7Zn, 2.5Ni, 1.7Mn, 0.2Al Manganin
52Cu, 26Zn, 22Ni German silver 8.45
51Cu, 32Zn, 9.5Pb, 6.4Ni, 1.6Sn Dienett's German silver
50Cu, 50Zn Solder, refractory 900
50-7Cu, 43-50Zn Solder hard
50-62Cu, 20-32Zn, 12-30Ni German silver, Birmingham
50-60Cu, 20-5Zn, 20-5Ni German silver, Austrian (Gersdorf)
46Cu, 34Zn, 20Ni German silver, best
79Au, 21Al Roberts-Austen (purple gold) 750
92Au, 8Cu Standard gold, Great Britain 900
90Au, 10Cu Coinage 17.17 940
84Au, 16Cu Jewelry 895
75Au, 24Cu Jewelry 925
67Au, 25Cu, 8Ag Pen metal
67Au, 8-27Cu, 6.6-26Ag Gold 16 carat.
62.5Au (min), 13Cu, 11Ag Gold 15 carat
58.33Au, 14-28Cu, 4-28Ag Gold 14 carat
50Au, 50Cu Dark red gold 1000
50Au, 35Cu, 15Ag Gold solder 12 carat
42Au, 38-46Cu, 12-20Ag Gold 10 carat
86Au, 5.7-17Fe, 0-8.6Ag Gray gold
75Au, 25Fe Blue gold 1165
75-85Au, 8-10Ni, 2-9Zn White gold
90Au, 10Pd White gold, palladium gold 1265
60-90Au, 10-40Pd Rhotanium
80Au, 20Pd Palau 1375
60Au, 40Pt Platinum gold, white 1500
92Au, 4.9Ag, 31Cu Gold 22 carat dental, dark
91.66Au, 4.16Ag, 4.16Cu Gold 22 carat
92Au, 0-8.3Ag. 0-8.3Fe Pale yellow gold
84Au, 8.3-11Ag, 6-8.3Cu Gold 20 carat
75Au, 17Ag, 8.3Cu Gold sonler l6 carat
75Au, 10-20Ag, 5-15Cu Gold 18 carat.
63-75Au, 13-31Ag, 6.3-12Cu Gold solder 18 carat
70Au, 25Ag, 5Ni, or Pt Platinum substitute, electrical
68Au, 25Ag, 7.5Pt Platinum substitute, electrical
63Au, 23Ag, 15Cu Gold solder, best
58Au, 30Ag, 12Cu Gold 14 carat dental
55Au, 32Ag, 14Cu Gold solder, easy melt
50 Au, 33Ag, 17Cu Gold solder 14 carat
41Au, 37Ag, 21Cu, 0.6 brass Gold solder 10 carat
40Au, 37Ag, 23Cu Gold solder 8 carat
95Ir, 5Pt 22.38
99.94Fe, 0.025S, 0.017Mn 0.012C, 0.005P Armco Ingot Iron 7.86 1530
98.5Fe Wrought iron 7.70 1510
80Fe, 20Al Ferro-aluminum 6.30 1480
99Fe, 1C Steel 7.83 12.0 1430
97Fe, 3C Cast iron, white 7.60 1150
94Fe, 3.5C, 2.5Si Cast iron, gray 7.0 11.2 1230
50-60Fe, 30-40Co, 5-9W, 1.5-3Cr, 0.4-0.8C K. S. Magnet steel
99.4Fe, 0.45Cu, 0.07Mo,0.03C Toncan copper; molybdenum iron 7.83 11.99 1525
90Fe, 10Cr, < 0.5Mn + 0.25C Stainless steel 7.75 1510
90-2Fe, 8Cr, 0.4Mn, < 0.12C Stainless steel 7.75 11.00 1450
90Fe, 8Cr, 0.4Mn < 0.12C Stainless iron 7.75 11.00 1450
88Fe, 16-7Cr, 0.4Mn, 0.1C max Stainless iron 9.99
86-8Fe, 12-4Cr, 0.3C Carpenter stainless steel 2 7.75 1425
86-8Fe, 12-4Cr, <0.5Mn, < 0.1C, trace Ni Defirust rustless iron 7.75 1480
86-8Fe, 12-4Cr, 0.1C Carpenter stainless steel 1 7.78 1496
85-9 Fe, 10-4 Cr, <0.5Mn, <0.13C Stainless iron 7.78 10.19 1490
82-6Fe, 12-6Cr, <0.5Ni, <0.05Si, <0.5 Mn, <0.12C Ascoloy 33 7.64 10.89 1495
86.7Fe, 12.5Cr, 0.35Mn, 0.35Ni, 0.12C Sterling stainless steel T 7.75 9.99 1430
86.4Fe, 13.5Cr, 0.1C Stainless I 7.75 10.91
84-6Fe, 12.5-4.5Cr, 0.5Mn max, 0.5 Si max, 0.5Ni, min, .12-.18C Enduro S15 7.86 10.89 1475
84-6Fe, 12.5-4.5Cr, 0.5Mn max., 0.5Si max., 0.25Ni, 0.05-12C Enduro S 7.86 10.89 1500
85.8Fe; 13.5Cr, 0.35Mn, 0.35C Sterling stainless steel A 7.75 10.30 1425
85.6Fe, 14Cr, 0.35C Stainless A 7.75 10.91
85Fe, 13-4Cr, 2Ni max., 0.3-.6Mn, 0.12C max Enduro KM1 7.75 9.99 1490
82-4Fe, 16-8Cr, <0.5Mn, C Duraloy B 7.61 1510
84.3Fe, 12Cr, 2.15C, 0.75V, 0.75Co Crocar
82-4Fe, 16-8Cr, <0.5Mn, < 0.1C, trace Ni Special defirust rustless iron 7.75 1480
81-3Fe, 16.5-8.5Cr, 0.75Si, 0.1C max Enduro A 7.64 11.00 1510
82.8Fe, 16.5Cr, 0.65C Stainless B
82.5Fe, 16.5Cr, 0.65C, 0.35Mn Sterling stainless steel B 7.72 10.91 1425
82Fe, 16-8Cr, 0.5Mn, 0.5Ni, 0.35C Sweetaloy 16 7.83 11.00 1495
79-82Fe, 16-9Cr, <0.5Mn, <0.5Ni,<0.5.i,<0.12C Ascoloy 66 7.64
79-82Fe, 16.5-8.5Cr, (.5Mn, .5-1.25Si, .25Ni, .1C) max Enduro A 7.86 10.80 1490
79-81Fe, 16.5-18Cr, 1-1.1C, 0.75-1Si, .35-.5Mn Delhi hard 7.75 9.99 1500
78.7Fe, 20Cr, 1Cu, 0.3C Carpenter stainless steel 3 7.70 1475
71-6Fe, 17-9Cr, 7-10Ni, <0.05Mn, 0.2C Defistain rustless iron 7.83 1455
71-5Fe, 17-9Cr, 8-9Ni, <0.5Mn, 0.06-.25C Midvale V2A 7.89 16.99 1450
70-5Fe, 25-30Cr, <0.5Mn, 0.25C, trace Ni Defiheat rustless iron 7.89 1595
70-5Fe, 17-20Cr, 7-10Ni, <0.5Mn <0.5Si, 0.2C Allegheny metal 7.86-.95 17.30 1430-70
69-75Fe, 16.5-19.5Cr, 7-10Ni, .75Si max., .5Mn max, .15C max Enduro KA2 7.86 15.98 1400
53.85Fe, 46Ni, 0.15C Platinite 8.2 7.5e-6 1470
47-52Fe, 34-6Ni, 10-2Cr, 4.5-5.5Si, 0.15C Rezistal 355C 7.81
45Fe, 35-7Ni, 15-7Cr, 1.4i.6Si, 0.6-.8~1n, 0.5-.7C Standard Misco 7.97 13.50 1540
50Fe, 35Ni, 15Cr Chromax castings 7.81 12.19 1480
48Fe, 35Ni, 12Cr, 5Si, 0.25C Durimet B 7.89 1500
45Fe; 36Ni; 18Cr, 0.5Mn,0.3C Sweetaloy 20 7.97 1495
97 6Fe, 2Si, 0.4C Silicon steel
73-97Fe, 1-24Si, 2-3C
0.1P, 0.04-.14S Meehanite metal
84.86Fe, 13.5Si, 1C, 0.4Mn, 0.18P, 0.05S Tantiron 7.83 1315
84.3Fe, 14.5Si, 0.85C, 0.35Mn Duriron 7.00 15.59 1265
94.5Fe, 5W, 0.5C Tungsten steel
75Fe, 18W, 6Cr, 0.3V, 0.7C High speed steel
66Fe, 17W, 10Cr, 3.5C, 2.5Mo Cristite 1 7.61 15.59
99.8Pb, 0.2As Lead shot
94Pb, 6Sb Battery plates 300
92-4Pb, 6-8Sb Antimonial lead 11.0 27.00 245-90
90Pb, 10Sb Magnolia 270
85Pb, 15Sb 10.4 19.5 250
84.33Pb, 14.38Sb, 0.61Fe, 0.68Zn Car box metal
82Pb, 15Sb, 3Sn Type metal
75Pb, 19Sb, 5S-1, 1Cu White metal 9.5 238
70Pb, 18Sb, 10Sn, 2Cu Type metal
92Pb, 8Cd Aluminum solder, U.S.P. 1,333,666 310
99.93Pb, 0.08Cu Chemical lead 11.35 28.98 327
87Pb, 13Sn, 1Cu Lead foil (Calin)
72Pb, 21Sn, 7Sb Marine babbitt
67Pb, 33Sn Solder, plumber's 9.4 25.0 275
56-60Pb, 10-40Sn, 4.5-30Sb Type metal, commom
58Pb, 26,Sn, 15Sb, 1Cu Type metal, standard
50Pb, 50Sn Solder, half and half 24 225
93.8Mg, 6Al, 0.2Mn Dowmetal E 1.79 27e-6 616
90.8Mg, 6Al, 0.2Mn, 3Zn Dowmetal H 1.83 27e-6 613
92.6Mg, 6.5Al, 0.2Mn, 0.7Zn Dowmetal J 1.80 27e-6 618
98.5Mg, 1.5Mn Dowmetal M 1.76 27e-6 649
90.8Mg, 8.5Al, 0.2Mn, 0.5Zn Dowmetal O 1 80 27e-6 610
88.9Mg, 10Al, 0.1Mn, 1Zn Dowmetal P 1.82 27e-6 596
90.2Mg, 9Al, 0.2Mn, 0.6Zn Dowmetal R 1.81 27e-6 604
96.8Mg, 3Al, 0.2Mn, 3Zn Dowmetal X 1.80 27e-6 635
80Hg, 20Bi Bismuth amalgam 90
70Hg, 30Cu Dentist's amalgam
99-99.5Ni(+Co), 1-0.2C, 1-0.25Si, 1-0.3Mn 1-0.55Fe, 1-0.25Cu Nickel 8.86 1450
Ni-Cr steel alloy of high Si content Elcomet 8.03
80Ni, 20Cr Chromel A 8.4
80Ni, 20Cr Tophet A 8.50 13 00 1345
80Ni, 20Cr Nichrome IV 8.50 13.21 1395
58Ni, 22Cr, 6-7Cu, 4Mo, 2W, 1Mn, 6-7Fe Illium (Illium G) 8.31 13.50 1300
60Ni, 20Cr, 10Fe, 1.75Mn, 0.5C Firearmor 8.00 13.99 1330
73Ni, 17.5Co, 6.5Fe, 2.5Ti, 0.2Mn Konel 8.61 10.66 1450-1500
90Ni, 3Cu, 1.5Al, 10±Si Hastelloy D 7.81 11.59 1160
60-70Ni, 25-35Cu, 1-3Fe, 0.25-2Mn, 0.02-1.5Si, 0.5-.3C Monel metal 8.80 1330
60Ni, 33Cu, 6.5Fe Monel metal 8.90 14 1360
75Ni, 12Fe, 11Cr, 2Mn Nichrome wire or ribbon
61Ni, 23Fe, 16Cr Chromel C 8.24
60-2Ni, 23-6Fe, 10-11Cr 2-2.5W, 1.2-1.5Mn, 0.3-.35C Midvale BTG 8.47 1450
G0Ni, 28Fe, 12Cr Tophet C 8.19 13.70 1350
60Ni, 25Fe, 15Cr, 0.7C Nichrome castings- 8 08 12.10
60Ni, 24Fe, 16Cr, 0.1C Nichrome 8.17 13.70 1350
60Ni, 20Fe, 20Mo Hastelloy A 8.80 10.71 1300
35Ni, 17Fe, 15Cr, 1.75Mn, 0.5C Zorite 7.92 1300
Ni, 2-6Mn, Fe, Cu Spark plug wire
Ni, Fe, Mo Hastelloy C 8.91 1350
60Ni, 20Pt, 10Pd, 10V Palau
67Pd, 33Ag Palladium alloy 1415
90Pd, 10Rh Palladium alloy
80-100Pt, 0-20Ir Platinum-iridium 7.5-8 8
90Pt, 10Ir Platinum-iridium 21.61 8.8
55Pt, 28Ir, 7Rh, 3Cu, 4Fe, Pd, As Platinum-iridium (natural)
80-100Pt, 0-20Rh Platinum-rhodium for thermocouples 8.8
90Pt, 10Rh Platinurn-rhodium
50Pt, 38Ag, 12Cu Cooper's pen metal
95.84Ag, 4.16Cu Brittania Silver
92.5Ag, 7.5Cu Standard (sterling) silver 18 920
92.5Ag, 5.75Cu, 1.75Cd Standard cadmium silver
92Ag, 8Cu Silver-rupee 920
90Ag, 10Cu Silver U.S. coins 10.3 890
80Ag, 20Cu Jewelry 18e-6 820
80Ag, 13Cu, 6.8Zn Silver solder, hard
70-5Ag, 20-3Cu, 5-7.5Zn Silver solder, medium
66Ag, 23Cu, 10Zn Silver solder, French
63Ag, 30Cu, 7.5Zn Silver solder, common
55Ag, 29Cu, 12Au, 5.5Zn Gold solder, very easy melt
70Ag, 25Pd, 5Co Platinum substitute (Cooper's)
73Ag, 27Pt Platinum solder 1160
70 Ag, 25Pt, 5Ni Platinum substitute (Cooper's)
66.7Ag, 33.3Pt Platinum silver 1230
40Ag, 40Sn, 14Cu, 6Zn Silver solder, Bu. Stands
99.5Ta Tantalum 16.6 6.50 2850
78Sn 9Al, 8Zn, 5Cd Aluminum solder, Bu. Stands. SN1
70-94Sn, 3.7-15Sb, 1.8-5Cu, 0-9Pb, 0-5Zn Brittania metal, German
90-lSn, 7-8Sb, 1.4Cu Brittania metal, plate
90Sn, 10Sb Brittania 255
90Sn, 7Sb, 3Cu Babbitt
85-90Sn, 9-11Sb, 0-3Zn, 0.2-1Cu Brittania metal, cast
85-90Sn, 5-10Sb, 1-3Cu, 0-3Zn, 0-2Bi Brittania metal, English
89Sn, 7.3Sb, 3.7Cu Babbitt metal
85-8Sn, 5.6-15Sb, 1-5Bi, 0.1-3.7 Cu, 0-1.5Zn Brittania metal, spoons
82Sn, 12Sb, 6Cu White metal
80Sn 20Sb 320
75Sn, 12.5Sb, 12.5Cu Antifriction 7.53 233
72Sn, 24Sb, 3.9Cu Brittania metal, plate (Ludenscheidt)
68Sn, 32Cd 7.70 180
85Sn, 6.8Cu, 6Bi 1.7Sb Pewter
83Sn, 8.4Cu, 8.3Sb Hard babbitt
97Sn, 3Cu Rhine metal 7.35 300
74-89Sn, 0-20Pb, 0-7.6Sb, 0-3.5Cu, Zn Pewter
88Sn, 8Pb, 4Cu, 0.5Sb Tinfoil
67Sn, 33Pb Solder, tinman's 180
60Sn, 40Pb Tinsel
50Sn, 32Pb, 18Cd Eutectic fusible alloy 145
86Sn, 9Zn, 5Al Aluminum sokler, Bu. Stands. SN4
86Sn, 9Zn, 5Al, 0.25P Aluminum solder, Bu. Stands. SN3
73Sn, 21Zn, 5Pb, 1P, Sn Aluminum solder, Seifert
69Sn, 26Zn, 2.4Al, 2.4P Aluminum solder, Bu. Stands. SN2
62Sn, 15Zn, 11Al, 8.3Pb, 2.5Cu, 1.2Sb Aluminum solder, Sterling
65Sn, 33Zn, 11Al, 1Cu Aluminum solder, Soluminium
48Sn 48Zn, 3Cu, 1Pb, 1Sb Brittania metal cast
41Sn 287,n, 3Cu, 0.6Mn,
Aluminum solder, U.S P. 1,332,899
W2C Blackor 14.0
W, 0.5-0.75ThO2 Tunsten filaments
WC + 13% Co Carboloy 14.10 6
96Zn 4Al, .0SMg ASTM Alloy XXIII 6.7 26.9 380.9
SAE Alloy 903
95Zn, 4Al, 1Cu, .05Mg Zamak-5 6.7 27.4 380.6
93Zn, 4Al, 3Cu, .05Mg ASTM Alloy XXI 6.8 27.7 379.5
SAE Alloy 902
95Zn, 5Al 6.80 28 380
90Zn, 6Al, 4Cu Aluminum solder, Geophysical Lab, Carneg. Inst.
65Zn, 20Al, 15Cu Aluminum solder, Wüst No. 2
50Zn, 30Al, 20Cu Aluminum solder, Wüst
75Zn, 20Cd, 5Al Aluminum solder, Bu. Stnds. ZN1
67Zn, 33Cu Solder, readily fusible 20 795
60Zn, 40Cu Solder, white 21 840
50Zn, 44Cu, 3.3Sn, 1.2Pb Solder, nearly white
45-57Zn, 35-45Cu, 8-10Ni Solder, brazing
69Zn, 26Sn, 5Cu, 3Sb Zinc babbitt
63Zn, 21Sn, 12Pb, 3.2Cu Battery plates
50Zn, 49Sn, 0.7Sb, 0.2Cu Aluminum solder, Roesch
Composition Name Sp.gr. Th.exp.coef/degC M.P.
98.8Al, 1.2Mn Wrought Aluminum alloy 3S
97.75Al, 1.3Mg, 0.25Cr, 0.7Si Wrought Aluminum alloy 53S
98.4Al, 1.0Si, 0.6Mg Aluminum alloys 51S
98.15Al, 1.0Si, 0.6Mg, 0.25Cr Wrought Aluminum alloy A51S
97.25Al, 2.5Mg, 0.25Cr Wrought Aluminum Alloy
97.2Al, 2.5Cu, 0.3Mg Aluminum 31ioys Al7S
96.2Al, 3.8Mg Sand-easting Aluminum alloys 214
96Al, 4.0Cu Sand-casting Aluminum alloys 195
95Al, 4.0Cu, 0.5Mn, 0.5Mg Wrought Aluminum alloy 17S
93.5Al, 4.0Cu, 0.5Mg, 2.0Ni Wrought Aluminum alloy 18S
93.4Al, 4.5Cu, 0.6Mn, 1.5Mg Wrought Aluminum alloy 24S
93.2Al, 1.3Cu, 5.0Si, 0 5MB Sand-easting Aluminum alloys 355
92.7Al, 7.0Si, 0.3Mg Sand-casting Aluminum alloys 356
91.6Al, 1.4Cu, 5.0Si, 0.75Mn, 0.5Mg, 0.75Ni Wrought Aluminum alloy A355
90.0Al, 10Mg Sand-casting Aluminum alloy 220
89.3Al, 7.5Cu, 1.2Fe, 2.0Zn Sand-easting Aluminum alloy 112
87.5Al, 12.5Si, 0.8Ni Aluminum Alloys, 47
85.4Al, 0.8Cu, 12.0Si, 1.0Mg, 0.8Ni Aluminum Alloys, 32S
66-70Cr, 4-6C, 24-30Fe High earbon ferrochromium 1200-1300
67-72Cr, 0.06-2.00C, 32.94-26Fe Low carbon ferrochromium 1255-1350
97.6Cu, 1.4Sn, 1.0Si Tin-Silicon Bronze 8.78 17.9e-6 1041
97.0Cu, 3Si Silicon Bronze 8.55 17.9e-6 1024
90.85Cu, 7.15Al, 2.0Si Aluminum Silicon Bronze Rod 7.70 17.9e-6 990
67.0Cu, 31.0Zn, 2.0Al Aluminum Brass Condenser Tubing 8.33 970
70.0Cu, 30.0Ni Cupro Nickel Condenser Tubing 8.94 16.0e-6 1227
62.25Cu, 35.75Zn, 2.0Pb Leaded Brass Sheet 8.50 921
60.75Cu, 35.85Zn, 3.4Pb Free Turning Brass Rod 8.50 20.4e-6 885
60.0Cu, 39.0Zn, 1.0Sn Naval Brass 8.42 21.1e-6 888
98.755-98.355Fe, .90-1.05C, .25-.50Mn, .040P, .055S Steel, S.A.E. No. 1095
98.31-97.61Fe, .25-.35C, .80-1.10Cr, .40 .60Mn, .15-.25Mo, .040P, .050S Steel, S.A.E. No. X4130
98.16-97.46Fe, .35-.45C, .80-1.10Cr, .60 .90Mn, .040P, .050S Steel, S.A.E. No. 5140
98.03-97.13Fe, .12-.17C, .40-.60Cr, .70-.90Mn .15-.25Mo, .40-.60Ni, .20-.35Si Natl. Emergency Steel, NE1350
98.01-97.21Fe, .35-.45C, .60-.90Mn, .80-1.10Cr, .15-.25Mo, .040P, .050S Steel, S.A.E. No. 4140
97.72-97.22Fe, .48-.53C, 1.60-1.90Mn, .20 .35Si Natl. Emergency Steel, NE1350
97.72-96.97Fe, .28-.33C, .40-.60Cr, 1.20 1.5Mn, .40-.60Si Natl. Emergency Steel, NE9630
97.91-97.21Fe, .45-.55C, .80-1.10Cr, .60 .90Mn, .035P, .040S, 0.15V Steel, S.A.E. No. 6150
97.51-96.31Fe, .35-.45C, .45-.75Cr, .60-.90Mn, 1.00-1.50Ni, .040P, .050S Stee,. S.A.E. No. 3140
97.36-96.16Fe, .35-.45C, .60-.90Cr, .60-.90Mn, 1 .00-1.50Ni, .040P, .050S Steel, S.A.E. No. X3140
97.21-96.36Fe, .35-.45C, .50-.80Mn, .20-.30Mo, 1.65-2.00Ni, .040P .050S Steel, S.A.E. No. 4640
96.87-96.07Fe, .95-1.10C, .25-.45 Mn, .20-.35Si 1.30-1.60Cr, 0.35Ni, 0.08Mo Natl. Emergency Steel, NE52100C
96.76-95.46Fe, .35-.45C, .60-.90Cr, .50-.80Mn, .20-.30Mo, i.5u-2.00Ni, .040P, .050S Steel, S.A.E. No. X4340
96.57-95.60Fe,.38-.45C, .95-1.0Al, 1.40-1.80Cr, .40-.70 Mn, .30-.45Mo Nitriding Steels N135, Modified
95.71-94.81Fe, .35-.45C, .60-.90Mn, 3.25 3.75Ni, .040P, .050S Steel, S.A.E. No. 2340
94.94-93.64Fe, 0.17C, 1.25-1.75Cr, .30-.60Mn, 3.25-3.75Ni, .040P, .050S Steel, S.A.E. No. 3312
94.76-93.86Fe, .10-.20C, .30-.60Mn, 4.75-5.25Ni, .040P, .050S Steel, S.A.E. No. 2515
93.85-92.18,Fe, .20-.37C, 1.10-1.40Al, 1.00-1.30Cr, .40-.70Mn .20-.30Mo, 3.25-3.75Ni Nitriding Steels, N125N
81.20-77.00Fe, .50-.;0C, 3.00-4.00Cr, .30Mn, 15.00-18.00W Steel, S.A.E. No. 71660
80.5-65Fe, 4.5-5C, 15-30Mn Spiegeleisen 1065-1225
73.91-68.49Fe,.08C, 17.00-20.00Cr,.20-.70Mn, .75Mo, 8.00-10.00Ni, .030P, .030S Steel, S.A.E. No. 30905
71.11-65.61Fe, 0.08C, 17.5-20Cr, 1.25Mn, 8-10Ni, 2-3Se, .03P, .03S Enduro 18-8-B
67.9Fe, .10C, 17Cr, 3.0Mo, 12Ni Stainless 316
63.55-39.5Fe, 0.2-3.5C, 35-45V Ferrovanadium 1425-1475
56.75-52.75Fe, 0.25C, 24-26Cr, 19-21Ni Stainless 310
98.5Mg, 1.5Mn Wrought Magnesium Alloys No. AM3S
95.8Mg, 3Al, 1Zn, 0.2Mn Wrought Magnesium Alloys No. AM52S
93.7Mg, 2.5Al, 0.3Mn 3.5Cd 93.1Mg, 6.5Al, 0.2Mn 0.2Si Dowmetal L
93.1Mg, 6.5Al, 0.2Mn, 0.2Si Dowmetal EX
91.6Mg, 7Al, 1.2Zn, 0.2Mn Wrought Magnesium Alloys No. AM-C57S
91Mg, 3.5Al, 0.5Mn, 5Sn Wrought Magnesium Alloys No. AM-C65S
90.8Mg, 8.5Al, 0.5Zn, 0.2Mn Wrought Magnesium Alloys No. AM-C58S
90.8Mg, 6Al, 3Zn, 0.2Mn Casting Magnesium Alloys No. AM265
89.8Mg, 10Al, 0.2Mn Casting Magnesium Alloys No. AM240
89.4Mg, 10Al, 0.1Mn, 0.5Si. 89.3Mg, 10Al, 0.2Mn, 0.5Si Dowmetal K
89.3Mg, 10Al, 0.2Mn, 0.5Si Casting Magnesium Alloys No. AM230
88.8Mg, 9Al, 2Zn, 0.2Mn Casting Magnesium Alloys No. AM260 xxx
80-85Mn, 0.3-1.0C, 19.7-14Fe Low Carbon Ferromanganese
78-82Mn, 6-8C, 16-10Fe Standard ferromanganese 1255
55-65Mo, 45-35Fe Ferromolybdenum 1625
74-79Si, 26-21Fe 75% Ferrosilicon 1175
78-83W, 1.0C, 21-16Fe Ferrotungsten 1800-1900

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