Helpful Hints on the Use of a Desiccator

by Oliver Seely

This Web page, accompanying photos and videos are in the public domain and may be copied without restriction.

Several experiments will require some skill in using a desiccator. To open the desiccator, slide the lid gently as shown at left. If you feel or hear metal scraping against metal when you slide off the lid, then a small amount of silicon grease needs to be rubbed around the flat surface of the lid. Squeeze a VERY small amount of grease onto your finger, as at the right,

and rub it all around the flat surface of the lid.

The desiccator contains a plate with holes over a screen which covers granulated anhydrous calcium sulfate, a desiccating or dehydrating agent. The desiccator ought not to be left open except to transfer samples in or out of it.

The holes may be used to store samples in a dry environment.

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