Helpful Hints on Chemical Procedure
and Chemical Demonstrations

by Oliver Seely

All demonstrations linked to this Web page, accompanying photos and videos are in the public domain and may be copied without restriction.

Helpful Hints on Chemical Procedure

Reading Scales
Balances and Their Use in the Chemistry Laboratory
Helpful Hints on the Use of a Desiccator
Heating a Crucible to Constant Weight
Gravimetric Sulfate Determination, Helpful Hints
Preparing Your Filter Paper
Helpful Hints on the Use of a Buret
Helpful Hints on the Use of a Volumetric Pipet
The Volumetric Determination of Sodium Carbonate
Helpful Hints on the Iodometric Determination of Copper in Brass
Determination of the Manganese Content of Steel
Helpful Hints on Colorimetric Fe Analysis

Chemical Demonstrations

Revealing the Dates of Buffalo Nickels
The High Vapor Pressure of Diethyl Ether
Precipitation from a Homogeneous Solution
Spontaneous Crystallization from a Supersaturated Solution of Sodium Acetate

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