Oliver Seely, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus
Updated April 27, 2015

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That e-mail address is oseely@hotmail.com

CHE 230 Lab Manual
Textbook for CHE230, Quantitative Analysis
Demonstrations and Helpful Hints for Laboratory and Lecture
Public Domain Databases in the Sciences
MICROSOC Computer Assisted Testing files including the Chemistry Test Item Bank.

Handouts in Science and Technology
(Those which are in the public domain or fall within the Fair Use Doctrine, in any case.)

Scholarly Interests and Creative Activity

-Applications of computers to education

-SOCRATES Computer assisted testing and evaluation.
From 1972-1978 a bank of chemistry questions was created along with programs to read these questions, assemble them into multiple version tests and score them. The bank, which contains around 8500 test questions, migrated to a microcomputer format and the software evolved accordingly. The test item bank and the software are in the public domain and may be freely downloaded and used for profit or non-profit purposes.
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Sabbatical Leave, Spring, 2005, Final Report
Sabbatical Leave Final Report
Contributions to date may be viewed at the IMAGE database located at San Jose State University. To find Dr. Seely's contributions, in the Quick Search box search on one of the following keywords: osus (Oliver Seely, United States), osuk (United Kingdom), osfr (France) or osyu (Yugoslavia).

Other activities:

-Protein sequence comparisons and analysis
-Biochemical phenotypes of genetically engineered plants

Saturday College Activities
Here are some exercises suitable for middle school pupils. They have been used for several years in a program at CSU Dominguez Hills called Saturday College -- a program which brings middle school pupils from surrounding communities to the campus to become acquainted with our programs. The files below can be viewed as well as downloaded.

All of these files are in the public domain and may be copied without limit by any means, present and future.

The ACID/BASE Characteristics of Flower Pigments
The Acidity of Lemons, Limes, Oranges, Tangerines and Grapefruit
Archimedes' Principle
Paper Chromatography
Separating the Components of River Water

Not exactly Chemistry but fun and interesting and more than a little scholarly:
Academic Freedom, Freedom of Speech and the Story of Professor Eason Monroe
The Buddah and Critical Thinking
Chemical Warning Labels
Energy Consumption, Use and Waste
Faculty Workload at CSUDH, 1992- 1996
Faculty Workload at CSUDH, 2002-2005
The Missions of California
Mozart's Köchel Catalog of Compositions
Some Observations on Photovoltaic Cell Panels
Some Further Observations on Photovoltaic Panels
Oliver's (mostly) Clarinet Music Page
Portraits of Beethoven
Public Domain Databases in Chemistry
Recipe for Seely English Toffee
Sabbatical Leave, Spring, 2005, Final Report
The Top 20 (or so) non-commercial Video Webcasts

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