Public Domain Databases in the Sciences

Important note: Most of the files below can be viewed as well as downloaded. Those which are Word Perfect files can only be downloaded. Word Perfect files have been kept in that form because HTML conversion programs can't catch some of the nuances. The Periodic Table for example is done with Courier typeface in landscape mode. The Corel Word Perfect 7.0 conversion program doesn't know what to do with it and it comes out looking pretty awful. Files can be viewed simply by clicking the left mouse key. Files can be downloaded on a PC by pressing the SHIFT key and then clicking the left mouse key. You will then be prompted for a filename.
A Mac prompts the user for a filename if the file is only downloadable after the user clicks the mouse key.

For a summary of my current thoughts on the subject of fair-use, copyright and public domain materials on the World Wide Web, click here. This offering was presented during the on-line conference, CHEMCONF, spring semester, 1998 and the same topic was presented orally at the 15th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, August 9-13, 1998.

Acid-Base Indicators
Preparation of Acid-Base Indicators
Atomic Masses of the Elements
Atomic Numbers, Symbols, names, atomic weights and densities of the elements.
Buffer Solution Formulas
Chemical Warning Labels
Common and Trade Names of Chemicals
Composition and Physical Properties of Alloys
Composition and Caloric Content of Foods
Concentrations of common commercial acids and bases
Conversion factors for common weights and measures
Dissociation Constants of Common Acids and Bases
Equilibrium Constants
Periodic Table -- A Word Perfect 5.1 file, downloadable only, see above.
Periodic Table, downloadable, in color, in jpeg format
Periodic Table, Web page with downloadable image in jpeg format
Physical Properties of Common Woods
Power Prefixes
Solubility Products
Solubility Rules
Standard Reduction Potentials
Synonyms of Chemicals
Synonyms of Minerals
Yamada Universal Indicator

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