Field Trips

Note: All OLLI field trips require a minimum $5 fee for operating expenses. Check the field trip description for any additional expenses that may be incurred on-site. (OLLI members are required to sign a waiver prior to participating in field trip activities.)

Bird Watching

Exercise your brain while you enjoy the out-of-doors. This class will visit a different, excellent birding site on each field trip. The field trips will concentrate on the field identification, life styles, and ecology of local birds. Ron Melin is a skilled facilitator and mentor who utilizes practical birding skills to teach the beginner birder. Youíll learn the fundamentals of using binoculars, field guide, bird field marks and birding by habitat.

The first class, orientation, will be held on the CSUDH campus and will include information on the locations of the outings, equipment and what to wear, useful books, and birding basics. Binoculars and field guides will be supplied. The field trips will be off campus. Students will be responsible for their own transportation.

Instructor: Ron Melin, Birding Expert
5 Thursdays:
September 18
(orientation on campus)
10 am - 12 pm
Extended Education Building, EE-1205

Field trips: October 2, 16, 30; November 13
8 am - 10 am

Fee: $15
NLLL 370 Section 01, Course No. 43049

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Marine Mammal Care Center

This fall our ventures into Gems of the South Bay will be in and around San Pedro. One of the places we will visit is the Marine Mammal Care Center (MMCC). The MMCC began operating in 1992. The MMCC at Fort Mac Arthur is a hospital for ill, injured and orphaned California sea lions, northern elephant seals, harbor seals and northern fur seals. This work is authorized by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS).

The care center is involved in the education of students, school teachers and the general public in conjunction with the Center for Marine Studies. We will be touring the center and learning more about the important work they do.

Members will meet at the Marine Mammal Care Center for a guided tour. (Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.) Parking is free.

Facilitator: Eula Slater, OLLI Member
Tour Guide: TBD
Wednesday, October 29
10 am - 12 pm
Marine Mammal Care Center
3601 S. Gaffey St. (at Leavenworth Dr.)
San Pedro, CA 90731

For directions and other information, call 310.548.5677.

Please register by October 15.

Fee: $5

NLLL 370 Section 02, Course No. 43050

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Point Fermin Lighthouse Historic Site and Museum

For its time, this graceful Victorian lighthouse was a palatial structure, built with lumber from California redwoods and crowned with a cupola. Inside it a 2,100-candle power light burned behind a Fresnel Lens that was brought by ship from around Cape Horn. In the 1880ís, when Captain George Shaw was keeper, the lighthouse was the scene of many parties. The land was donated by Joe Diego Sepulveda. Surrounded by colorful flower gardens, it is one the oldest lighthouses on the west coast, built in 1874. Its beacon served as an aid to safe passage between the Channel Islands and into the harbor for nearly one hundred years.

Members will meet at Point Fermin Lighthouse at 1:00pm for a guided tour (wear comfortable clothes and shoes) and be advised that there are 58 stairs to the top. Parking is free.

Facilitator: Eula Slater, OLLI Member
Tour Guide: TBD Wednesday, November 6
1 - 2 pm
Point Fermin Lighthouse Historic Site and Museum
807 W. Paseo del Mar
San Pedro, CA 90731

For directions and other information, call 310.241.0684.

Please register by October 23.

Fee: $10

NLLL 370 Section 03, Course No. 43051

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