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Family Communication Across the Generations

Having more fulfilling relationships is the focus of psychotherapy. Dr. Weiner helps people explore issues that get in their way and develop plans to reach goals. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of learning better communication skills. Sometimes there are past hurts that are creating the obstacles. Dr. Weiner proposes, “If you want to improve your relationship with both yourself and others, let’s begin a dialogue and see” what might work for you.

Sydell Weiner sees clients in private practice, is a professor in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at CSUDH, and teaches Human Communication and Legal and Ethical Issues of Counseling to therapists, social workers, and psychology graduate students.

Instructor: Sydell Weiner, Ph.D., MS in MFT
1 Thursday: September 18, 10 am - 12 pm
Extended Education Classroom Building, EE 1205
Fee: $5
NLLL 155 Section 05, Course No. 43002

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The Tawdry Tales and Travails of the First Ladies

It’s back! This time it is a romp through the stories of our First Ladies starting with Laura Bush, then Clinton, Reagan and backwards until we run out of class time. If you did not get a chance to laugh through the first section of this series, do not worry, each lecture stands alone. You absolutely do not want to miss this humorous, and often tawdry slant to the lives of all our First Ladies.

This series is taught by Pam Watson who started this series at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at CSU Long Beach and has taken it on the road to CSU Humboldt and CSU Fresno OLLI participants. Pam is a retired English and science teacher with an AA, BA in communications, and a credential in English.

Instructor and Facilitator: Pam Watson
4 Wednesdays: October 8, 15, 22, and 29, 10 am - 12 pm
Extended Education Classroom Building, EE 1205
Fee: $15
NLLL 256 Section 04, Course No. 43014

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Evolution Evolving: Cutting-Edge Issues for Humanity and the World
A Futurist’s View of Evolution—Past, Present, Future

Week 1 Models and Examples of Changes Transforming Our World

Week 2 Evolution through Physical, Biological, Cultural, and Consciousness Areas—Which All Work Through Us and With Us as Human Beings, Making us Complex, Multileveled Beings

Week 3 Factors Impacting the Future Evolution of Humanity—Short/Medium Range to Far, Far Futures

Week 4 Different, Evolving Views of the Future Human

Instructor: Linda Groff, Ph.D., Emeritus Faculty, Political Science, CSUDH
4 Tuesdays: November 4, 18, 25; December 2, 1:30 - 3:30 pm
Extended Education Classroom Building, EE 1210
Fee: $15
NLLL 155 Section 04, Course No. 43000

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Plants of the South Bay

Have you ever wondered about the trees, bushes and plants you see on the streets, lawns, business parks and open fields of the South Bay as you drive by? Or are they just “plants?” Some of these trees and bushes have colorful histories from the Wild West, the Middle East, or Medieval times. Some are good to eat, some are toxic, and some are just plain obnoxious, destroying sidewalks or displacing native species. They all influence the climate, the air we breathe, and the look of Southern California. Come and learn more about the plants of the South Bay.

Howard Manning is a retired Cal/OSHA safety engineer with an MS in Safety from USC. He has been a gardener, naturalist and forager for over 50 years. He is a past member of the Northern Nut Growers Association (NNGA). For several years he owned and operated “Harvestin’ Howard LLC,” which manufactured acorn tortilla chips, elderberry jelly, and a related comic book.

Instructor: Howard Manning, Community Expert
3 Tuesdays: November 4, 18, and 25; 1:30 - 3:30 pm
Extended Education Classroom Building, EE 1217
Fee: $15
NLLL 352 Section 01, Course No. 43020

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Join OLLI Members Norma Bates, Ophelia R. Sanders and Mary Alequin in this two part series as they share their knowledge of the field of genealogy.

In session one, we are fortunate to have Mary Alequin who has a passion for cemetery research. Mary has been traveling the country looking into old and lost cemeteries for family plots and other clues that may help a family in their genealogy search. In one trip she went to 27 cemeteries in 8 days.

Session two will be a workshop to help you with your online research; we will again cover some basic instructions on researching online in the computer lab. Bring your family pedigree chart.

Instructors: Norma Bates and Ophelia (Robinson) Sanders, OLLI Members, and Mary Alequin
2 Tuesdays:
November 25, Extended Education Classroom Building, EE 1205
December 9, Extended Education Classroom Building, EE 1202
1:30 - 3:30 pm
Fee: $10
NLLL 155 Section 03, Course No. 42998

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