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The OSHA Training Institute Education Center at CSUDH works closely with the business community to develop training programs to help companies stay in compliance with regulatory enforcement agencies.

CSUDH offers over 100 courses in Occupational Safety and Health both in English and Spanish, courses are tailored to meet industry specific requirements.

For more information, please contact us at 310-243-3355 or rguzman@csudh.edu.

Potential savings when selecting a contract course over open enrollment:
(costs and travel estimates based on a three-day course and GSA rates)

  Open Enrollment
5 Employees
Contract Class
20 Employees
Tuition $695 $7000 for up to 20 employees
Airfare $332 Training held at your location or ours
Hotel $390  
Meals $170  
Cost per Employee $1587 (1 employee) $350
Total Cost $7935 (5 employees) $7000 (20 employees)

Construction Industry courses include:

T8 CCR Course Title
1509 & 1510 10- & 30-Hour Construction Safety and Health Course
3648 Aerial Devices/Scissor Lift Safety
1529 Asbestos Safety Awareness Level
OSHA 1926.1101(k)(9)  Asbestos Class III Worker Training 
3203 Back Injury Prevention Safety Lifting
1590-1596 Backhoe/Loader
3648  Boom (Bucket) Truck Safety 
3400 First Aid, CPR & AED 
5157 & 5158 Confined Space Entry
5157 & 5158 Confined Space Rescue
5006  Crane and Hoist Safety for Construction 
3203 Defensive Driving
3314 Electrical Safety & Lockout/Tagout Program 
3314 & NFPA 70E  Electrical Safety NFPA 70E Arc Flash 
3416 & 1670 Fall Protection
6151  Fire Prevention/Extinguisher Use for Construction 
NFPA51, 29 CFR 1910.252  Fire Watch Training for Hotwork 
3556 Hand and Power Tool Safety
5099 Hearing Conservation
3395  Heat Illness Prevention 
3668 Industrial Power Truck Operator Safety 
3668  Industrial Power Truck Train-the-Trainer Program 
1532 Lead Awareness Level Training
3203 & 3314  Machine Guarding Safety 
5144 Respiratory Protection
5003 Rigging & Material Handling Safety
1637 Scaffolding Program 
5144 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus 
Labor Law  Sexual Harassment Course 
1597-1599 Traffic Control Flagger, Barricades & Warning Signs 
1540-1541 Trenching and Shoring (Competent Person)
3203  Violence in the Workplace 
4799 Welding Safety 

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General Industry courses include:

T8 CCR Course Title
1509 & 3203 10- & 30-Hour OSHA General Industry Worker Health & Safety 
3648 Aerial Devices/Scissor Lift Safety
Labor Law Americans with Disabilities Act 
1529 Asbestos Safety, Awareness Level 
3648 Boom (Bucket) Truck Safety 
3400 First Aid, CPR & AED 
5157 & 5158 Confined Space Entry 
5157 & 5158 Confined Space Rescue 
5006 Crane & Hoist Safety for General Industry 
3202 Defensive Driving 
Labor Law Drug and Alcohol Substance Abuse Program 
3314 Electrical Safety and Lockout/Tagout Program 
3314 & NFPA 70E Electrical Safety NFPA 70E Arc Flash 
3220 Emergency Response Training 
3413 & 3416 Fall Protection 
3221 & 6151 Fire Prevention/Extinguisher Use 
NFPA 51, CFR 1910.252 Fire Watch Training for Hot work 
3356 Hand Tool and Portable Power Tool Safety 
3668 Forklift Operator Safety
3668 Forklift Train-the-Trainer 
5194 Hazard Communication 
5194 Hearing Conservation 
3395 Heat Illness Prevention 
5191 Laboratory Safety 
1532 Lead Awareness Level Training 
3203 & 3314 Machine Guarding Safety 
1509 & 3203 Regulatory & Safety Program Management for Supervisors
5144 Respiratory Protection 
5003 Rigging & Material Handling Safety 
Labor Law Sexual Harassment 
Labor Law Violence in the Workplace 
4799 Welding Safety

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The OSHA center offers training nationwide and around the world

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The Cal OSHA quarterly updates provide an overview of the latest developments and most frequently cited violations in California. Our team of experts and guest speakers will provide valuable information to help you stay in compliance.

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