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Procedures for Submitting Outreach Report

Step 1: Email OR Fax your report.

Email to: info@outreachconsulting.net
Fax to: (424) 258-7056

Step 2: Submit payment using the link below.

There is No need to call and confirm or submit receipt. When our office receives your report and payment, we will send confirmation via email within 2 business days. Cards should arrive approximately 5 business days.

OSHA Cards

Training Report Forms

Construction Outreach Training Report
General Industry Outreach Training Report
Maritime Outreach Training Report
Disaster Site Worker Outreach Training Report

Industry-specific training information and documents

Cal/OSHA Construction Procedures
Cal/OSHA General Industry Procedures
Construction Industry Trainer
General Industry Trainer
Maritime Industry Trainer
Disaster Site Industry Trainer

Replacement Card Forms (Note: Replacement Card Forms must be submitted by the trainer)

Student Replacement Card
Trainer Replacement Card

Quarterly Updates

The Cal OSHA quarterly updates provide an overview of the latest developments and most frequently cited violations in California. Our team of experts and guest speakers will provide valuable information to help you stay in compliance.

Click here for more information.

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