PM 08-04

(Revised 4/1/08)                                                                                                  

President Mildred García



Campus Catering Policy

 [Supersedes PM 90-03, Dated 3/19/90]


Operated under the direction and responsibility of the CSU Dominguez Hills Foundation, Campus Dining Services (including all Retail Dining/Food Operations) and DH Catering have exclusive rights to provide all food services on campus.


The Foundation is recognized by the Los Angeles County Health Department as the only authorized and permitted food service provider for the campus.  In addition, the Foundation holds the only campus Alcohol Beverage License issued by the State of California.


Any catering activities held on campus must be provided by Campus Dining Services and DH Catering. Exemption from using Campus Dining Services or DH Catering may be considered for campus events held outside the Loker Student Union. An exception request form is available in the Foundation, Campus Dining offices or online.  All exceptions must be reviewed by the Director of Commercial Services or designee and consideration for approval will be granted on a case-by-case basis.


It is the responsibility of the Foundation to always ensure that quality food and service is provided at competitive catered prices. 


Adherence to this policy shows the campus’ commitment to the success of the CSUDH Foundation enterprise.