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PM 02-05 Emeritus Faculty Status

PM 02-05


President James E. Lyons, Sr.


Emeritus Faculty Status

[Supercedes paragraph #1, PM 80-16]

Supercedes PM 98-01, 3/9/98]



I.  Criteria for Emeritus Faculty Status


1.  Normally, retirement from the University as a full-time, tenured faculty member is required for the awarding of Emeritus Faculty Status.  However, a waiver to this rule for exceptional cases may be requested by the Department Faculty and sent directly to the President for consideration.


2.  Normally, a minimum of 10 years of service at the University is required.  

However, a waiver to this rule for exceptional cases may be requested by the Department Faculty and sent directly to the President for consideration.


3.  A Department estimation that the retiree has served honorably and well.


4.  A favorable recommendation from the faculty of the retiree’s department.


II.  Procedure for Awarding Emeritus Faculty Status


1.  Each department, including the department chair, will determine those faculty members who are retiring or who have recently retired


2.  Normally, the department will recommend emeritus status during the first month of the semester following retirement and send its recommendation directly to the President, who will respond in a timely manner.


3.  All recommendations for Emeritus Faculty Status shall be sent directly to  the President by the retiree’s department.  The Faculty Leaves and Honors Committee will act primarily as a review committee for policy exceptions and, when necessary, as a recommendation initiating body.


4.  The President shall decide upon emeritus status and inform the retiring Faculty member of his decision.


5.  The names of new emeritus faculty will be announced and listed in appropriate publications.


III.  Benefits and Privileges for CSUDH Retirees


1.  Membership and participation in benefits programs, such as health and Life insurance, in accordance with applicable CSU policies and laws of State of California.


2.  Teaching and consulting service in accordance with University policies and laws of the State of California.


3.  Access to current information regarding retirement benefits from Human Resources Management and other appropriate University offices.


4.  Invitations to participate in appropriate seminars, lectures, scholarly meetings, and ceremonies both as contributors and as attendees.


5.  Inclusion in the University Directory, with the department phone numbers, for five years after full retirement, unless declined.


6.  Library privileges.


IV.  Benefits and Privileges for CSUDH Emeritus Faculty


1.  All of the benefits and privileges accorded retirees, plus the following:


2.  Emeritus identification card.


3.  University Catalog Listing


a.  Listing in the University Catalog with the department’s faculty list under the designation “Emeritus” for their lifetime.


b.  Listing in the University Catalog with an alphabetical “Emeritus Faculty” group, with deceased members so designated by an asterisk.


4.  Campus Directory Listing


a.  Listing in the Campus Directory with an alphabetical emeritus

faculty group under the designation “Emeritus” for their lifetime.


b.  Listing of the Emeritus Faculty Office under the E’s in the                       

Campus Directory Quick Reference section.


5.  Participation in department meetings and affairs, as deemed appropriate by

the department, in a non-voting, advisory capacity.


6.  Service as members on graduate thesis or project committees, consistent                 

with University policies and procedures in the Thesis and Project Guide.


7.  Appointment to advisory committees.


8.  Office space, administrative support, and University resources, as needed,

for research, study and writing, subject to availability.


9.  Access to computer services, including electronic communication and information.


10. Free use of athletic facilities, as available to regular faculty.


11.  Free receipt of University publications by mail, upon request.


12.  Free or discount fees for all campus cultural and athletic events, such as games, theater, music concerts, dance performances, as available.


13.  Free lifetime campus parking pass.


14.  Access to campus rooms and facilities for meetings and reunions of emeritus faculty, subject to availability.

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