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PM 77-22 Deferment of Collection of Fees at Registration

PM 77-22


President Donald R. Gerth


Deferment of Collection of Fees at Registration






Occasionally students are guaranteed monies from outside agencies to off-set their tuition and fees and miscellaneous expenses.  Periodically the College receives confirmation that the money will be forthcoming but, unfortunately, the money is not available for the student at the time of registration.  As a result, Vice Chancellor Dale Hanner issued BA bulletin 77-3 on January 27, 1977.  Campus procedures for implementing this BA bulletin on campus are outlined below:


  1. All deferments for collection of tuition and fees are subject to review and approval by the chief fiscal officer or his designee.  Tuition and fee deferments can be initiated through the Financial Aid Office or the Business Office.


  1. In recommending a deferment, the issuing office must have on file documentation indicating that the tuition and fees will be paid by an external agency.  If a recognized agency sends a letter indicating that the tuition and fees will be paid, a deferment should normally be granted.


  1. The deferment should be granted as long as conditions 1 and 2 mentioned above have taken place and the check will be mailed to the College* for disbusing.  The check may be made payable either to the College* or to the student, if it is sent to the College* for disbursing.  However, it would be preferred that all checks be made payable to the College* with an indication of the student’s name whose account should be credited for this financial aid.


  1. Veterans may receive a deferment if they meet all the conditions outlined below:


       A)    The student has applied for an advance payment during the normal time period for such  



            B)     Despite the student and College’s* efforts to obtain the check at registration, the

                    check is not received in time to pay for registration fees.


            C)    The Veterans Office on campus has contacted the Veterans Office and has been told

                    that there is no hold on payment; the student is eligible for the funds; and that for    

                    unusual reasons the check was not mailed but would be mailed within a reasonable time

                    period.  The Veterans Office would have to request that the check be sent to the

                    College* in order for the student to qualify for the deferment.


Some typical uses of the deferment form should be to deter the tuition and fees for state scholarships, Federally Insured Student Loans (when the College* has verified that the loan has been approved), Bureau of Indian Affairs Grants, late financial aid awards administered by the Financial Aid Office, and any other forms of financial assistance offered to students through a recognized and reputable agency.


*Now “University”

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