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PM 78-15 Selection and Review of Chairpersons for Department and Programs which Constitute Primary Teaching Service Areas

PM 78-15


President Donald R. Gerth




A chairperson should serve as a leader who will encourage and promote high standards of scholarship and teaching, set a tone for the department or program, promote harmonious operation of the unit, work closely with faculty and students, and help generate policies which reflect consensus.  The chairperson is responsible for administrative functions such as scheduling, recruiting, budgeting, and planning facilities.


The chairperson of a department or program which constitutes a teaching service area must be full-time member of the unit in question during his/her service in office.  No one at the rank of Instructor, Lecturer, or Graduate Assistant is eligible to serve.


The selection process should be initiated during the first two weeks of the Spring Quarter*.  The total selection process should be completed no later than by the end of the sixth week.  The person selected will assume office on the week following the end of that Spring Quarter* other than for chairs which are partially or wholly funded on a 12-month basis; these change on September 1.  Each department or program will stipulate a time for review of the chairperson within the framework of a two-year minimum and a four-year maximum.  Subsequent service may be for a shorter period of time.


Each faculty member who participates in the nomination process must have a full-time appointment in the University, must have a primary teaching service area assignment in the department or program, and must have a minimum rank of Instructor, excluding Lecturers unless reappointed at a rank other than Lecturer as full-time faculty for the following academic year.  Faculty members who are on sabbatical or on creative leave or are serving in another capacity on released or assigned time would be considered full-time members of the department or program.


The method of nomination will be determined by the department or program faculty members qualified to participate in the selection of the chairperson.  The approval of nomination procedures will be delegated to the pertinent school, college, or program dean to determine that they conform to university policy.


The department or program will transmit the name of the nominee to the pertinent school, college, or program dean for approval.  If a department or program and its dean cannot reach agreement on a mutually acceptable candidate, each may transmit a recommendation to the Vice President for Operations.**  If the Vice President for Operations,** through consultation with the department or program and dean, does not reach agreement on a mutually acceptable

  *Currently, Spring Semester

**Currently, Vice President for Academic Affairs

candidate, all three may transmit their recommendations regarding that candidate separately to the President.  If the nomination of the department or program is not acceptable to the President, he/she will refer it back to that unit and ask the unit using its own nomination procedures to select another nominee.  Appointment by the President will be final.


In case a chairperson resigns, takes an unforeseen leave or sabbatical, or is removed from office, the regular nomination process is to be used to elect a replacement.  (See Policy on Leaves of Absence for Department and Program Chairpersons.)


If there is dissatisfaction with the department or program chairperson and informal attempts involving faculty members and the dean to resolve the differences have failed, a petition stating this fact signed by a majority of the eligible department or program members will be transmitted to the dean who will then call a meeting within two weeks for action upon this recommendation.  If two-thirds of the eligible department or program members wish to have the chairperson removed from office, the recommendation for recall should follow the same consultative process as used for nominating a chairperson with the removal action itself the responsibility of the President.  If the President concurs with the recall recommendation, the department or program will institute procedures for the selection of a new chairperson.  An information memorandum will be transmitted to both the dean and the Vice President for Operations** advising them of the action taken.


**Currently, Vice President for Academic Affairs

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