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PM 78-29 The Administration of Scholarships

PM 78-29

President Donald R. Gerth


The Administration of Scholarships


For more than a year members of the staff in University College*, the Academic Senate, and other members of the administration have reviewed procedures for the administration of scholarships.  The procedures outlined in this memorandum are to be effective as of this date.


Scholarships include grants, stipends which are scholarship-like, scholarships or other similar forms of financial aid to students.  The administrative responsibility for scholarships and financial aid to students is assigned to the Dean of University College**  Other administrative officers have specific responsibilities noted in this document.


The University Scholarship Committee is charged with overseeing the scholarship program and the preparation of recommendations concerning the scholarship program.  The membership of the University Scholarship Committee includes a faculty member from each School and from University College appointed by the appropriate Dean for staggered two-year terms; the terms begin on September 1.  The Director of Student Aid is ex officio executive secretary of the committee.  The Executive Dean for University Relations*** or a designee is ex officio a member of the committee.  The committee elects its own chair annually at the first meeting of the academic year.  Actions of the University Scholarship Committee are in the form of recommendations to the Dean of University College**  Matters of university policy and institutional procedure are to be forwarded by the Dean of University College** to the Vice President-Operations**** for further consultation, review, or action.


The committee is charged with developing a general statement of policy about scholarships during the 1978-79 academic year.  The Dean of University College** will be responsible for issuing annually a statement of procedures to be used in the administration of scholarships.


The financial administration of the scholarship program is the responsibility of the Director of Business Affairs****, utilizing appropriate trust accounts.  All scholarship funds within the university must be deposited with the Director of Business Affairs.


*This entity no longer exists.

**Currently, Vice President for Academic Affairs

***Currently, Vice President for Advancement

****Currently, Vice President for Administration and Finance


The office of University Relations is responsible for coordinating all solicitation of funds for scholarships and is to be informed by the Student Aid office* of all scholarship funds received.  University Relations will prepare for the President letters of acknowledgment of all scholarship gifts to the university.


As a matter of policy any restricted scholarship funds or accounts that drop below $100 in the account for a period of one year, unless there is reason to do otherwise, will be consolidated into the general unrestricted scholarship account of the university.  This is to be incorporated into the solicitation-acceptance process.


An annual report concerning scholarship matters within the university will be prepared each year and transmitted to the President and others by August 1 for the previous academic year.


*Currently, Office of Financial Aid

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