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PM 79-13 Requirements for the Second Baccalaureate

PM 79-13


Donald A. MacPhee, Vice President, Planning


Requirements for the Second Baccalaureate


After consultation with the Academic Senate, the President has approved the following policy statement describing requirements for the second baccalaureate degree on this campus:


A student may elect either a regular major or a single field major.  No minor is required.  The following specific requirements must be met:


         1.    Have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution prior to commencing work towards a second bachelor’s degree.


         2.    Complete the requirements for a major in a discipline other than that in which a previous degree was earned.  Units from the first degree may not be counted.  However, specific courses required for the second baccalaureate may be waived by the department chairperson if the content has been covered by courses in the first baccalaureate, but the total number of units required for the second baccalaureate cannot be reduced; a student, in consultation with the department chairperson, must find substitute courses within the discipline or closely related disciplines.


         3.    Receive program approval from the major department.  The courses used to satisfy the requirements of the second baccalaureate must be agreed upon in writing by the department chairperson and kept on file in the department office before 20 units* have been completed.


         4.    Complete a minimum of 45 quarter units** in residence.


         5.    Maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average in all courses taken for the degree.


         6.    Students who earn a second baccalaureate are not eligible for graduation with honors.


  * Current (semester) requirement is for 14 units.

** Current language requires “complete a minimum of 30 semester units in

     residence including 24 units in upper division courses, which include a minimum

     of 12 units in the major.”

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