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PM 79-32 Procedure for Verification of University Faculty and Staff Organizations

PM 79-32


President Donald R. Gerth


Procedure for Verification of University Faculty and Staff Organizations


Any individual, or group of individuals who may wish to establish an organization on campus that seeks to identify such organization with the name of the university and/or make use of certain facilities of the university will follow the procedures below to obtain campus verification.  Chapters of the employee organization verified by the Board of Trustees in FSA 77-09 #3 (and its successor documents) are not required to obtain verification from this campus; however, they are expected to apprise the Dean of Faculty and Staff Affairs* annually of the existence of their campus chapter and the names, addresses, and home and office telephone numbers of the officers and otherwise follow the procedures in PM 79-20 dated July 2, 1979 (Access Regulations).


  1. The name of the organization to be verified, its goal or purposes, the names, home and campus addresses and telephone numbers of members or at least of the president and secretary, and the composition of the organization (faculty, staff, etc.) would be included in the annual written request for verification to the Dean of Faculty and Staff Affairs*.  The request will specifically address whether or not the group seeks status as an employee representative group for purposes of collective bargaining.

  2. Membership in an organization is restricted to full or part-time employees (and where appropriate, student representatives, alumni, or family of employees) of the university.

  3. Such organizations will comply with the laws and regulations of the State and university.

  4. It is understood that verification by the university does not imply endorsement of the organization or its goals, and organizations should not attempt to appear to speak in the name of the university.

  5. Verification formally allows reasonable use of the universityís internal mail system if each item is personally addressed, the bulletin boards, and use of rooms for meetings in accordance with procedures for these uses.

  6. Formal verification will be granted by the Dean of Faculty and Staff Affairs* to all organizations which meet the above guidelines.  The organizational information will then be forwarded to the Chancellorís Office in the instance of employee representation groups.

  7. Faculty and staff seeking verification of groups at the system level for the purpose of representing employees are advised to address the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Employee Relations.



*Currently,  Director, Human Resources Management

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