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PM 82-06 Deans' Concurrence and Dissent in RTP Procedures

PM 82-06


President Donald R. Gerth


Deans’ Concurrence and Dissent in RTP Procedures


Upon the recommendation of the Academic Senate and the Dean of Faculty and Staff Affairs* the following change is to be made in the University RTP procedures.  This will be reflected in the Faculty Handbook.


Deletion from the Faculty Handbook of the mandatory Deans’ Concurrence and Dissent in the RTP processes (P. D35 under “Procedures for Placement of RTP Evaluations in Personnel Files”), with the text reading as follows:


Distribute copy        Address original

RTP Evaluator         evaluation to                                        simultaneously to     RTP File of person being 

School RTP             reviewed, then forward to RTP office.                    

Faculty member

only Committee.                   


On p. D39 under “Summary of RTP Review”, step 7:


            The School RTP Committee evaluation is transmitted to

            Faculty and Staff Affairs* for review by the University

            RTP Committee.


* Current title is Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs

** Current Office title is Faculty Affairs.

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