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PM 83-09 Withdrawal from RTP Consideration

PM 83-09


President Donald R. Gerth


Withdrawal from RTP Consideration


Two weeks before the deadline for submission of the Supplementary Faculty Information Forms*, the office of Faculty and Staff Affairs** shall distribute written reminders to all faculty eligible for promotion who have not officially withdrawn from consideration.


An individual whose SFIF has not been submitted by the deadline date is automatically withdrawn from consideration for promotion.  The late submission of an SFIF does not reactivate a file for review during the current RTP cycle.  However, in cases of extenuating circumstances an extension of the deadline date may be requested, in writing, from the appropriate school level dean if such request is submitted PRIOR to the deadline date.  If the extension is granted, the dean will establish a new deadline.



  * See following pages.

** Currently, Office of Faculty Affairs.



California State University, Dominguez Hills

Supplementary Information Form


Instructional Faculty


Each faculty member who is subject to evaluation for reappointment, tenure, or promotion (RTP) must submit a Working Personnel Action File (WPAF) for the use of RTP evaluators.  The supplementary Information Form (SIF), together with supporting documents, will be the core of the WPAF.  Faculty must also prepare an Index to the material submitted with the WPAF.  After completion of the RTP review, the WPAF will be returned to the faculty member; the Index will be retained in the Personnel Action File.


Below are some guidelines for preparing the SIF.


  1. In addition too the WPAF, your evaluators will be reviewing your Personnel Action File, which contains material concerning appointment, previous RTP recommendations and decisions, sabbatical and other leaves, honors and awards, as well as a log of individuals reviewing the file.  The Perceived Teaching Effectiveness (PTE) evaluations you have selected for automatic placement in the file are also included as part of the Personnel Action File.  You may also submit other PTE evaluations with the SIF.

  2. While completing the SIF, be as explicit as possible, because the recommendations made by RTP evaluators are to be based upon information in the Personnel Action File and the WPAF, including the SIF.

  3. Follow the instructions on each page of the SIF, with this exception:  Do not write or  type your narrative statements on the SIF itelf.

  4. The examples given in the various categories of the SIF are intended to be illustrative, but not exhaustive.

  5. Provide supporting evidence whether or not it is specifically requested.  Such evidence would include copies of works published or submitted for publication, correspondence with editors, or exhibition announcements or photographs.

  6. Supporting material should accompany the SIF, not be contained within it.  Arrange supporting documents to correspond with the order of evaluation categories (e.g., 1.2,3.4) in the SIF.  It is highly recommended that all supporting material be placed in a three-ring notebook.

  7. Submit course material that is a good representation of your work in as brief a form as possible.  Be selective.

  8. You are responsible for keeping a copy of the SIf and other documents submitted with the WPAF.





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Date Submitted:_________________________

Accomplishments for Academic Year: _____/_____  Name:___________________________




In the space below write a brief statement evaluating your effectiveness as a teacher.  Include recognition of both strengths and weaknesses of which you are aware.  Supplementary evidence to support your statement may include the following and should be attached for filing as described in the instructions:


1.         Evidence of Teaching Performance.  Such evidence as the following will be considered.


1.1          A representative sample of course materials, depending on the course, (including, but not

limited to, course outlines, statements of goals and objectives, requirements, lists of texts

and other materials, sample assignments, copies of examinations) must be submitted for

those classes in which the PTE evaluations are automatically included in the RTP file, so

that the materials can be evaluated at the department level for appropriateness of level and

coverage, scholarly currency, and/or helpfulness to students.


1.2          Indications of the ability to fit course content and teaching strategies to the level and

purpose of each course (e.g., general education, upper division, elective courses,

sequential relation to other courses).


1.3          Student evaluations of a faculty member.

All full-time faculty members are to submit student evaluations for at least one course per semester (two courses per year) in accordance with procedures developed by the Academic Senate and approved by the President.  Compliance with this requirement is mandatory; the required student evaluations must be in the Personnel Action File for the individual to be considered for reappointment, tenure, or promotion (PM 90-11 dated 8/15/90).  (See Faculty Handbook sections on Perceived Teaching Effectiveness Procedures, Student’s Rights and Responsibilities in Relation to PTE and Post-Tenure Review).


If you submitted properly completed PTE forms to Faculty Affairs that indicated your “to be included” course for your RTP file, the PTE printouts and narratives for that course automatically will be placed in your RTP file.  Submitting the narrative student evaluations and the printouts designated “not to be included” in the RTP file is optional.


1.4          Records of independent work and activities of the faculty member or his students beyond

the usual requirements.


1.5          A statement of how the faculty member’s scholarly and professional activities enhance his

or her teaching performance.






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Date Submitted: ____________________

Accomplishments for Academic Year: _____/_____ Name: __________________________




List accomplishments in the categories listed below that hve been made since the last information form was completed.  For each type of work include the specified information and briefly indicate its significance.


2.         Evidence of Scholarship or Creative Activity.  (Revision adopted May 21, 1990.)  Such

evidence as the following will be considered, and distinction in at least one of these

categories is required for faculty appointment without the doctorate in the teaching field.


1.1           Significant research resulting in publication and reports.


1.2           Publications in learned journals and periodicals in the teaching field (which may or may not be research-related, depending on specialty).


1.3           Significant consulting, paid or unpaid, in fields closely related to the teaching discipline; or evidence of related research, paid or unpaid, from which no publication necessarily results, even though propriety reports may be written, provided that the quality and originality of these activities is attested by recognized experts in the field or by equivalent evidence.


1.4           An outstanding regional, state, or national reputation in the field of specialty in at least one of the following examples:  publishing, teaching, speaking, consulting, performance, production, or related activities.


For creative rather than research-oriented disciplines, appropriate examples are:


        For Fine Arts or Theatre Arts faculty – A regional and/or national exhibition,

        production, or performance record, or a record of creativity resulting in published

        or performed works evaluated by peers and department chairperson.


        For Communications faculty – A record of continuing publication in significant

        newspapers or periodicals with regional or national distribution, or a record of

        continuing production of radio, television, or film material which has regional or

        national distribution.


1.5           Active participation through papers, panels, symposia, etc., in meetings and

conferences of professional organizations.                                                            


1.6          Significant activity in the leadership of professional organizations, such as holding

office, committee membership, etc.


1.7           Effective sharing of research findings, consulting experience, and related activities

with colleagues and students for the general benefit of the University community.


            2.8     Recipient of significant awards, commissions, prizes, honors, or grants.

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Date Submitted: __________________

Accomplishments for Academic Year: _____/_____ Name: ________________________


If a higher degree has been acquired since initial appointment to CSUDH, list the date,

type of degree, and the granting institution.  Include the document that verifies receipt of

a degree.  If a higher degree is in progress, give estimated completion date.



            For Clinical Sciences faculty only:


            Clinical Sciences – Supplemental Criteria:  to be used in addition to regular criteria for

faculty and education coordinators/administrators when being reviewed for

reappointment, tenure, and promotion.


                        Effectively share with colleagues new developments in the field through

consulting experiences, attending meetings and workshops, and investigating

approaches used by other institutions conducting similar programs.


                        Obtain training in such areas as, for example, Computer Technology,

Administration, or Human Relations.  Obtain attitudinal knowledge and

experience through additional coursework, advanced degrees, and specialized

training and travel.




                                                                                                            PAGE THREE OF THREE



Date Submitted: _____/_____

Accomplishments for Academic Year: ____/____ Name: ______________________________





3.         Evidence of Effective Functioning in the Institution and in the Community. 

Such evidence as the following will be considered:


3.1      Effective participation and contributions as a member of departmental,

interdisciplinary, school, University-wide and system-wide committees.


3.2      Effectiveness in student advisement.


3.3      Participation in student activities as sponsor or advisor.


3.4      Availability for consultation with students.


3.5      Representation of the university in community groups or agencies (ther than those of a purely social nature) e.g., speeches, consultanships, committee memberships.



For Clinical Sciences faculty only:


Clinical Sciences – Supplemental Criteria:  to be used in addition to regular criteria for faculty and education coordinators/administrators when being reviewed for reappointment, tenure, and promotion.


            Participate in affiliate-sponsored activities that enhance the affiliation and/or contribute

to program recognition, development, and growth.

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